Friday, December 31, 2010

All in Fluffs Head.

This is my last project of 2010 a commission from Fluff for a 'Patchwork Bag' Mummy please!!!!
Not just any old patchwork bag mind but one Fluff had seen in a shop , hummed and debated over gone back to buy only to find it had been sold.
So over to me . Now its not too hard to make an item when its in your head and you have very clear ideas on what it should look like but trying to work out what is in someone elses is another matter.
The criteria went along the lines of:
It's sort of patchworky on the front. Right!
It's pink. Well not pink exactly more burgundys. Right!
I'ts corduroy on the back sort of donkey brownish colour. Right!
Needs to have a long strap at least 48" so it can go over your head to wear on shoulder. Right!
Needs to have a gusset 3. 1/2 " wide and front needs to be 15" square. Right!
Can it please have a nice big zipped pocket inside too. Der!
Anything else?. Nop I think thats it!!!

I saw these fairy panels on e-bay and as Faye was always known as Airy Fairy Faye as a child thought they would be ideal for the patchwork front. So having bid for them and got 5 of the 9 fairies on offer I made the front up with cutting 5 , 5" square panels and
4 plain burgundy ones with a 1" square appliqu├ęd to the centre. Sorted!

I used the same burgundy plain material for the lining and included a nice big zipped pocket.
Debated over whether to do a covered button or a buckle but went with the buckle idea as it seemed to look right.

Add a nice long strap and its all done but did I get it right?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whats on my workdesk this Wednesday.

My workdesk is prety bare at the moment. 'The Doc' and I caught the flu bug just before christmas so we have been hunkered down proping one another up, guzzling fast quantities of cough medicine and very little else. Felt too sick to finish off the glass painting and the reindeer never did get their sleigh to pull either.
So what can you see today. The package to the right is the present that I got from my blogging buddy Sherry (cut out cardboard shapes and instructions for making up a covered box).Playing with some colour schemes on that as we speak. I have been designng and making up a patchwork bag and now just have the closure to finish but can't decide between a covered button or a buckle. The felt tea pot is a proto type for a teapot stand that I'm playing around with and the blue material will eventually be a french press coffee cover. The bundle of brown material is going to be something to do with 'Owls' and I have another 3 swaps coming up which I need to get moving on too. Now where did I put my sissors!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lollipop Lodge Christmas Special

Here is Fluffs last virtual box. I had such fun making the 'Gingerbread' house for the Art'n'Soul swap that I decided to make one more slightly bigger version 'Lollipop Lodge'.

What else could go inside but lollipops!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas day Box.

So here we finally are at the very last box to show and tell. What a beauty this one is from Angela of downtothedarling details. Done in Sepia effect and embossed it really is a very fitting box to end with. Inside is this gorgeous green and clear crystal bracelet. I love it Angela. Thankyou.

For my last box I decided to do 'less is more' so the box just has the number 25 on and a little white fur trimming. Inside is the last necklace that I made using glass beads and wooden ivy leaves. I already know that Wendy of blissangels has received this one.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Last box but 1

Nearly done now. One more box and it will all be over. Todays box is from Valarie K of glitterydaze. It comes with a cheery father christmas on the front of the box and a cute bell hanging tree ornament. Thankyou Valarie I love the bright yellow colour of the bells.

My nearly last box is made from red craft card and an old christmas card that I cut the present shape from. Inside the 2nd necklace that I made using glass and wooden beads to compliment the colours of the christmas tree.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wonderful Blogging Friends

I truly have some wonderful blogging friends. I saw the 'Flowers for You' card on Sandras blogg
a few days ago and after leaving her a comment Sandra offered to send me the card. Well it arrived in the post today along with another one 'Congratulations' for me to use . Thankyou so much Sandra I love both the cards. In todays email I also recieved

a delightful e card from Ann of Love making things one of my swap partners this year.
Thankyou very much Ann.
These two lovely blogging friends have made my day.

Fayes Virtual box

For the past few days I have been emailing Faye with a picture of the closed up box and a cyptic clue as to the contents. Todays clue was 'Whats red, white and black?'
Fluffs answer? 'A sunburnt zebra'!!! How the heck would I get a zebra in that box!

Instead we have the March of the choklit ladybirds. I honestly don't know where she gets it!!!

Countdown Day 23

Todays box is my last of the 3 boxes that I received from michelle of the tatteredquiltcottage.
Each of the boxes have been distintively different. This one has a noel sentiment in 3d on the front and inside another of Michelle's cute crystal snowmen. Wow now instead of a necklace I get to make earings!!!! Thankyou Michelle.

My box no.23 is made from an old blue/silver christmas card and is decorated with 3 little silver tree brads to compliment the silver tree on the card.

A break from tradition now as the contents do not mimic the box. I had wanted to have a go at making some christmas type necklaces. This is the first one that I produced using a wooden star decoration and coloured wooden beads. I hope my partner will be pleased enough to wear over the festive period.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Father Christmas Exists!!!!!!!!!

Father Christmas exists?
Well he most certainly does in our house in the form of my lovely blogging partner Sherry who has sent me this suprise parcel which arrived today. Christmas was looking decidedly dismal this year with us both now suffering from this flu bug going the rounds and not having been able to see the children/grandchildren at the weekend due to the snow.The tree is only just being put up today by The doc as I write. You have made my day Sherry. Thankyou so much for your kindness. This is now going under the said tree to open on christmas morning. Wooooo Hooooo.
Aren't I the lucky one.

Fayes No.22

Fayes 2nd virtual box.
I bought the gift first so then had to make a box to fit which is why this matchbox is more like
2" x 2" x 2"
Now we all know Fluff likes a bit of gloss here and there and just luvvves choklit so what else but a pot of raspberry flavoured chocolate lippy in a cup cake. Simples!!!!!!

Countdown Day 22

So are we all beginning to panic now!!! Only 3 more countdowns to go.
Todays box comes from Wendy Ford and has been created to look like a christmas cracker.
Inside is this cute little Choirist tree hanging. Thanks Wendy. I love his red hassock.

My box no. 22 is this plum pudding. The decoration is from an old enamel brooch that had a battery attached and lit up the berries and played a tune! The batteries died many moons ago and the brooch got put into my stash box. Now it makes a lovely picture for the front of the box.
What else to do but make a matching felt plum pudding to go inside!

I found this recipe on the web which is taken from The New York times and is the story of
The Sailors Plum Pudding from Christmas 1839. Whoever my swap partner is I hope it brought a smile to your face. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Special No.21

This is a special No.21 box for Faye. I had made 5 extra boxes up to give to (VUH) at the weekend when we converged on Yorkshire for the birthday party. Unfortunately snow prevented us from travelling from Hampshire and Faye from Norfolk so now no one has their birthday or christmas presents! The idea was that (VUH) would hand over a box a day for Fluff to open (no good giving em all to Faye). Then I thought you may not have the presents but I can do a VIRTUAL box instead! So here and for the next 4 days only are Fayes boxes.
Inside this one is her very own brooch/pin.

Countdown Day 21

Down to the last 5 little boxes. Todays comes from Amy of paper trails. I love the pom pom rope that Amy has used for the hanging. It must have a been a feat of engineering to get the pom poms through the tiny hole in the top of the matchbox!!!!
Inside is a wooden square that has been either embosed or enamelled with a crystal stone in the centre. Best of all for me is that it is Pink. Thankyou Amy I love it.

My box for today got made the other way around as I had wanted to do a bookmark to go inside a box . Having made the marker I then designed a box around the colours used. The decoration on the front is part of a really old christmas decoration (30yrs +) that finally fell to pieces.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gingerbread House.

I have recently entered the ART 'n' SOUL challenge to make just one matchbox up for your partner. Having just made 25 of the little blighters I decided to do things differently.
First its a lot bigger! More the size of the larger long match boxes. Second I have made it entirely from material. I had this gingerbread house fat qtr so cut out the house and appliqued
to the top of the box.

Inside I put some gingerbread men to hang on the tree ,gift tags and of course the recipe for making gingerbread men.

Countdown Day 20

This little beauty was crafted by Nancy P. of sewing. The attention to detail is second to none.
It depicts a house in the woods with a sleigh and reindeer flying over the top which are in 3d.
Its fantastic Nancy. Thankyou.

My box No .20 ismade from anold gold christmas card and embelished with a reindeer on the front.

Inside is a rather large (I had to stuff him inside) fury Rudolph that Ihad in my which I crafted into a badge.

I'm really pleased that this one has gone to my very god blogging friend Sherry of sherrys simple blog.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Countdown Day 19

This adorable box comes from Linda of Country Pickens and two into one most certainly does go. There are not one but two little charms inside this box. A cute little key (I wonder what it opens!) and a brightly coloured mitten. Thankyou Linda. The key will be finding its way onto a necklace in the new year.!

My box no .19 is made from green craft card and then decorated with an old christmas card depicting holly and red ribbons. What else but a little pin badge made from some wooden holly leaves and red beads to depict the berries.

I had such fun making this one up and Marie of Spun by me has let me know that she is the recipient of it and is wearing the pin on her coat today.
I feel honoured that you are doing so Marie.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Countdown Day 18

Well this post was ment to be a scheduled one as we should by now have been halfway up the motorway to Yorkshire but piles of 'The white Stuff' have prevented us going.

This little cutie is from Lyneen of dreamingof castles. The front has a vintage style picture of a hot air balloon and inside a retro badge. Thankyou Lyneen I love it.

My box today is made from craft paper with a fir tree and snowflake design on it and I had an old earing in the shape of a gold snowflake. What could go inside but the fairy for the top of the tree, all gold and sparkly.
Have a safe and crafty weekend everyone.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Stash of Goodies.

Having stated in a previous post that I ever win anything these 2 parcels arrived for me this week!!!!
The 1st parcel has come all the way from America and is from Barbara. This was the stash that she was giving away on her blog for reaching 200 followers and I won it. Unbeliveable! I did not appreciate how much was in the picture until I opened up the box and it was like christmas come early/pandoras box/aladins cave all rolled into one. Thankyou so much Barbara.
Have a look here as Barbara is featuring the ' Twelve days of Christmas Owls' on her blog. They are soooooh cute. I defy you not to hum/or even sing the song as you look. It's a total Hoot!!

This parcel arrived today from Annie of The FeltFairy.
Annie was giving 10 of these earing kits away in her November giveaway and guess what I was no.8 to be drawn out of the bag. It was a ramdom draw of which pack you got but look their 'PINK'!!!!
Now that is spooky.
Annie sells really nice quality felt and has 71 yes 71 colours to choose from in several sizes. I buy all my felt here and can vouch for it ,after all football boy and tractor man were created using it.!!!!
The best bit is that postage to the UK is free.
Post script.
Tractor man is being sent to a remand centre up North awaiting payment of his bail .

Countdown Day 17

Sherry of (ificouldsetmysoulfree) sent me this box. The front has a 3d christmas tree cut out and inside was this cute little ruffled christmas tree hanging. I love how the candy stripes of the material swirl around. Thankyou Sherry.

I know who has my no.17 box as Maria of hunted treasures sent me an email back in November when all her boxes arrived from Linda.

There is a little story to go with this box!
I made the box from red craft paper and the inset is from an old christmas card.
The gold braiding is left over from a costume I made my daughter when she was 3 yrs old (now 00yrs daren't put the figures in )for her dancing school production of the King and I.(she was one of the kings children and dressed in a little siamese jacket and trousers in emerald green with this braiding round the edges.) The bow decoration on the front and on the felt tree ornament are from an old pair of christmas earings that I have had for about 15yrs. This was one of my favourites because of the memories attached. Hope you will enjoy on your tree Maria.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Countdown Day 16

Here is the next box opened up. I had real difficulty in getting a good photo today as the light is very bad. We are having a Hail stone Storm at the moment.
This is from Carol of heirloomsforyou. I'm doing really well for charms. This one is made from
pink and pearl beads with a star shaped green bead in the centre. Really pretty and again will be made into a necklace after the holidays. Thank you Carol, you can never go wrong sending me something pink!

This is my box no 16. A christmas card used to decorate the front and inside of the box. Father christmas is carrying his sack so what else but to attach some tiny parcles to the front.

Q.Now what do parcels always need?

A. Name tags .

So I put a selection inside the box cut out of craft card and old christmas cards. I know who has this box as I spied it on Lizzies blog when she did a group photo of her received boxes. Hope you enjoy Lizzie.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Countdown Day 15

Gosh were on box 15 already. Soon be Christmas!!
This one is by Lauri of and contains not one but two gifts. A large paper clip used as the box hanging (very useful) and a gorgeous handmade pink (have I told you all how I just love pink!) glass bead angel. I can already visulise this made up into a pendant so watch this space.

My box no.15 is again an old christmas card cut up and used to decorate the box made from cream and green craft paper. I love this image but was then stuck for the contents. I mulled over enclosing a duck orientated recipe (but being a veggie myself couldn't quite do it!) so I settled in the end for making 'Mr Duck' from white fur fabric and some trimmings.

Here he is again with me having fun with my flower punches on the back of the box Hope he brightens up your tree partner.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Countdown Day 14

Todays box comes from Denise of denisemarie-christmas.
I don't think you could cram anymore goodies onto this box if you tried!! There are 2 snowflakes, a heart shaped snowflake no.14, round snowman cutout, snowbear rubber and a wooden snowman decoration as the box hanging. Inside was a father christmas tree dangly. Thankyou
Denise. I love all the suprises on it.

Here is my box for today. Made from red and green craft paper and decorated with a poinsettia
sticker. Inside the box an old christmas card picture.

I made the christmas brooch from an old silver button, felt and gold and red beads. (I wouldn't have minded this one coming back to me!!) I hope you like partner.

Whats my name?

There was just time for a quick photo shoot before this little girl had to dash off to the post office. She is now well on her way to her new home. I have had to cover part of her name up so as not to give the game away but who do we know who likes blue? Hmm!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown day 13

Unlucky for some but definitely not for me as I got this really amazing box from Jenna of corgipants. Inside was a cute little sleigh hanging, a square of christmas material and stickers.

What really makes this box special is the detailing that has gone into making it. Look how the stripes on the back of the box as you open it up make a chevron pattern!!! Thankyou Jenna I love it.

Here is my box no13. Made from craft card and then a selection of gift tags to match enclosed.