Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wonderful Blogging Friends

I truly have some wonderful blogging friends. I saw the 'Flowers for You' card on Sandras blogg
a few days ago and after leaving her a comment Sandra offered to send me the card. Well it arrived in the post today along with another one 'Congratulations' for me to use . Thankyou so much Sandra I love both the cards. In todays email I also recieved

a delightful e card from Ann of Love making things one of my swap partners this year.
Thankyou very much Ann.
These two lovely blogging friends have made my day.


Faye said...

I see the pink, I understand the pink, but you're doing a lot of black at the moment!! ;)
Aren't they gorgeous. xxx

Sherry said...

Blogland is a wonderful to be! The cards are beautiful.