Friday, December 17, 2010

Stash of Goodies.

Having stated in a previous post that I ever win anything these 2 parcels arrived for me this week!!!!
The 1st parcel has come all the way from America and is from Barbara. This was the stash that she was giving away on her blog for reaching 200 followers and I won it. Unbeliveable! I did not appreciate how much was in the picture until I opened up the box and it was like christmas come early/pandoras box/aladins cave all rolled into one. Thankyou so much Barbara.
Have a look here as Barbara is featuring the ' Twelve days of Christmas Owls' on her blog. They are soooooh cute. I defy you not to hum/or even sing the song as you look. It's a total Hoot!!

This parcel arrived today from Annie of The FeltFairy.
Annie was giving 10 of these earing kits away in her November giveaway and guess what I was no.8 to be drawn out of the bag. It was a ramdom draw of which pack you got but look their 'PINK'!!!!
Now that is spooky.
Annie sells really nice quality felt and has 71 yes 71 colours to choose from in several sizes. I buy all my felt here and can vouch for it ,after all football boy and tractor man were created using it.!!!!
The best bit is that postage to the UK is free.
Post script.
Tractor man is being sent to a remand centre up North awaiting payment of his bail .


Maureen said...

Who's a lucky little alien!!?

Faye said...

Ooooooh scrummy stash! xxx

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Mrs. A. Well done on your wins. There looks to be lots of wonderful goodies to use, so have fun and enjoy. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xxx

Margreet said...

Enjoy your won goodies Mrs. A.....they look fab!
xxx Margreet

oneoff said...

Treasures! What beautiful new you can't wait to get your paws busy with that.

If Tractor Man is heading up north, should I secure the premises as he passes by?

Whimcees said...


I am so happy that your package arrived safely in spite of all the delay/confusion caused by my aged mind! :<) I look forward to seeing a card or project using something from the blog candy! I have received the gift of getting to know you and that makes me very happy!

Wishing you a great week ahead and hope that you are feeling better soon! I will write this weekend!


Barbara Diane

Jo in TAS said...

Congrats on your wins Valeryanne!