Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown Day 12

Box 12 is from Carol of heirloomsforyou. I love the outline reindeer and the star button on the box. Inside was this handmade bead charm using 3 different coloured pearls. Very delicate.
Thankyou Carol.

My box no.12 is made from an old christmas card.

I love the picture of the red robin and decided to use red card stock for the inside tray. The theme for the trre hanging was inspired by the robins red breast and the cut out punched chiristmas flower on the back.

Feeling down in the dumps today as I have another bout of cystitus and really don't feel like doing any crafting at the moment even though I have several items to make by next Friday. Just waiting for the pills to kick in!!


Margreet said...

awesome creation Mrs. A............sorry to hear you're not feeling fine.....hope you get better soon!
xxx Margreet

Sherry said...

Two lovely boxes! Ouch, that hurts! Hope you feel better very soon xx

Faye said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. You work better under pressure, so best leave the projects a few days anyway! This little red and flower hanging is really pretty. As for the stash you've been getting, just as well there are no scheduled visits to ChatCobwebs before Christmas. xxx

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Hope you are feeling both of the boxes.

carole brungar said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog, it's lovely to meet you! Lovely work on your blog, I've enjoyed my visit :))

Caleen said...

These boxes are fun. You look like you have been very busy. Hope you are feeling better :)
Hope you are enjoying the holidays too!.. Take care!

oneoff said...

Ouch - hope you are on the mend soon, and can concentrate on your crafting mojo.

Still loving all the matchboxes, both made and received.

(The elf volcano is in the post tonight, so hopefully I can update soon on its propensity for belching good quantities of smoke ;-))