Thursday, December 31, 2020

Rudolph and Winners.

This is a gift swap that I did over Christmas. My swap partner was in America and this is what I sent .
The theme was to make a christmas ornament and as the group is a quilting group I decided to make a pieced Rudolph. I had a kit that I had bought several years ago and never used as the material for Rudolph was just plain grey calico so I salvaged the ribbons and the bell and made him well, more jolly looking. I used the outline pattern as my guide and material  pieced two squares up from scraps and embroidery locked the over lapping edges using my sewing machine.This is actually the second Rudolph I made  as I hadn't accounted for the seams splitting as I stuffed him!!  As time was of the essence I had to abandon the first one and go back to the drawing board with a more robust version which is below.

Once he had been safely packed and sent off to America I turned my attention back to the first one I had made and abandoned and reinforced the overlapping edges by hand stitching.  Where the split was too much I put a complete patch in.  I was a tad annoyed about  the splitting as I actually liked the placement of the pieced squares better but Hey Ho the plus was that I got to keep him and he is now happily hanging up in my Bay window instead. 

The answers to the Bumper Spot the difference have been published here.   Thankyou to everyone who came and played along.  There are a bumper number of winners from each of the 6 games played and here is the definitive list  who will be receiving a goodie bag in the New Year, just as soon as I can work out how to use  the Post Office's  click and drop on line service!!

Kath Buckle
Kate (Cullisocks)
Suze Woods
Viv Tomlinson
Carol Staples
Liz Cavill
Hazel (didos)
Karen Ladd
Glennis F.
K.T.Fit Kitty
Tina Z.
Val Wallis
Donna T.
Alison C.
Mac Mable
Denise Bryant.
Becca Yahrling
Di Wray
Brenda W. (IN)
Alice P.

Hope I have kept track  of everyone correctly. Let me know if I have sent an email to you but not not listed you above. 

Just leaves me to wish you all a Very Happy New Year 
and lets all put 2020 behind us with a sigh of relief. 


Friday, December 25, 2020

Spot The difference Christmas Edition.

Hope you are all having as good a christmas as you possibly can in these strange times. Not the Christmas a lot of us had envisaged this year. 
So if you have eaten the leg and the turkey breast, played musical chairs with just two chairs, pulled your crackers, drunk the sherry and now wondering what to do with the rest of the day,  then come on over and join in the fun. 

Well I promised a bumper edition of Spot the Differences and here it is. 
A Christmas Whimsy Village drawn by myself from a lesson we did back in November in the Shac Shac with Barbara Gray.( A little birdie has told me that the one Babara drew has now been made into a stamp and can be purchased from Clarity.)   I have traced once and drawn twice so there will be variances between the two. You are therefore  not looking for thicker/thinner lines or shading as there is plenty of that Lol.  All the differences are either items that are on picture 1 and removed from picture 2 or have been added only to picture 2. 
Oh did I also mention that you are looking for 20 difference this time so sharpen your pencils, fresh elastic in your big girl bloomers and off we go.

 Game will stay open until 30th December so you have plenty of time to ponder. Please do not put your answers below in a comment but SEND me a seperate  email to the address in the side bar. Heading up Christmas Edition.  Open to all my current followers.  Goodie bags for the first correct answers. 
Answers to game No 5 have been published here.

We had a total of 7 correct answers. Thankyou to everyone  who emailed me their lists.
Here is the definitive list of the spot the differences in the second image..

I actually managed to surpass myself and put in 21 differences that only became apparent when your answers came bowling in so anyone who got any 20 of the 21 was a winner. 

1.    Round window of the house with the two steps, glass is orientated.
2.    Smoke missing from  chimney. 
3.    Chimney missing from  house with the two steps.
4.    Star on tree is missing
5.    Sun  rays are missing .
6.    Tall house at back has stones missing from over the window.
7.    Lantern missing from archway . 
8.    One bird has flown off.
9.    Tall house has brickwork showing on the side above archway.
10.  Diamond window pane blacked out on bottom house.
11.  Chimney added to house with the canopy doorway.
12.  Window ledge missing from the house with the missing smoke. 
13.  Window below the central walkway is now curved instead of flat.
14.  Railing missing from the house with the added chimney. 
15.  The central walkway has a bridge support missing. 
16.  One of the flags flying on the bunting is black.
17.  Lights are now on in the windows.
18.  Roof that has the bunting attached to it now has a pattern on it.
19.  Panes missing from the window in the house with the canopy doorway.
20.  Drain pipe added to tiny house at front.

and the one I missed but you didn't.
21. Roofline on house with canopy doorway now grey.

Complete list of winners will be announced shortly.

Stay Safe

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Round Up.

Showing the last card made for the year which is for The Doc and has now been opened. 

The stamp is by Stampendous House Mouse Designs called ' Bearly Working' which  I thought was so apt (when I received from Mia in her last Birthday Bonanza.) as this is the view I invariably see when I look across the upstairs landing from my craft room across to The Doc's command centre  room.!! Coloured with my promarkers along with  bronze /silver gel pens. Sentiment a gold glitter sticker. 

Just leaves me to wish you all a Good Christmas albeit a very different one from what  most of us had envisaged having. 

As previously said there will be a special Bumper  Christmas Edition of the 'Spot The Difference' challenge going out tomorrow morning at 9am so when you have eaten your way through a leg and a breast of the Turkey, played musical chairs with just 2 chairs and pulled your crackers with your other half, come on over and see if you can spot  the 20 changes I have made to the drawn images.  Yes I did say 20.  I know you can do it. 
So until Tomorrow
Stay Safe and Well
sharpen those  pencils.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Spot The Difference No 5.

The news is not encouraging on all fronts so switch off your televisions/radios/mobiles and lets settle down for another Spot The difference. Are you ready?
Pencil, eraser, ruler, a clean hanky and some spare elastic for holding up our big girls bloomers and off we go. 
You are again looking for  another 10 differences on image two. Image is a digi by QKR Stampede  no 15912 'Windy Snowman'  (available from their site). Coloured using my promarkers and back liner pen. 

Please do not put your answers below in a comment but SEND me a seperate  email to the address in the side bar. Heading up Game No 5.  Open to all my current followers.  Goodie bags for the first correct answers. They are beginning to get stuffed full here. Answers to game No 4 have been published here. 

Because a lot of us will be in our own bubble this christmas with possibly just our other halves for company I will be posting up a Bumper Spot The Difference on Christmas Day. As this one will be using my own image I can change it up as much as I like. the skies the limit! lol.

Ok, off you go now and find those 10 elusive differences.  I have been a bit sneaky this time. 
You may need to use your fingers and thumbs!

We had a total of 5 correct answers. Thankyou to everyone  who emailed me their lists.
Here is the definitive list of the spot the differences in the second image..

1.    Extra piece of Holly.
2.    Eyes have circles added round them. 
3.    Mouth blacked out.
4.    Scarf has black solid bands on the ends .
5.    Patch on hat is now tartan pattern.
6.    5 extra spots of snow by the large snowflake under his raised up arm.
7.    Tiny speckles added round the back of his left hand.  . 
8.    Hat band is coloured in with extra black.
9.    Twine on broom coloured black.
And the sneaky one that caught a lot of you out. 

10.  Broom handle extended out past his body line.  

New bumper game starts 9am 25th Dec. 

Stay Safe
and stay off the gin. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas Cats and that Elf.

This card for Grandson No2 has been received now so I can show it. He loves cats. They have 3 at home. 
The digi is by Card Making Downloads called 'Christmas Cats' set 2. Coloured using my Graph'it Pens and three different gel pens. The Merry Christmas is a  set by Britannia Dies. Cut several times and layered up for depth.  The cat in the middle is very much like one of their cats  'Miss Piggy' and I used to have an odd eyed White Persian.

 Ok, ok, so I gave in !!. 
Whilst that isolation pod is escape proof it is not sound proof and after putting up with 2 days of him alternately crying, yelling, pleading and telling me he had really, truly learn't his lesson and would be good from now on and do everything he was told I made him a mask!
I am seriously loosing the plot here!!!

I am taking him over  to Pixies Crafty Workshop #393  as I only used a 4" square snippet of material.

There will be another Spot The Difference on Wednesday 9am so make sure you have a clean hanky and elastic in case your Big girls bloomers should let you down. 

Stay Home and be Safe. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Spot The Difference no 4

 For us here in the UK great swathes of the country have just  had our christmas festivities scuppered well and truly by the Covid Virus  mutating at a rate of knots across the countryside with lockdown measures moved up to Tier 4 to try and combat it. 
So to take our minds of it all, lets' blow our noses, pull our big girls bloomers up and have ourselves a little fun. Are you ready for Spot The difference. No 4?
Come on then. The answers to game No 3 have now been published Here.

The image is again by QKR Stampede  digi 23802 'Old Lady Snowman. Available to buy from their site.  (BTW. I am not on any commission from them, I have purchased these images  to use as  1. there is a whole set of them, 2. the theme is christmassy and 3. they are nice and clear with out too much detail already on them to muddy the waters so to speak.)

My goodness I did give you a run for your money with the last game.  The sticking point was the sneaky extra christmas tree with only 3 people getting a full 10 out of 10 first time round. With a bit of a nudge from me some more of you got there in the end though.  

You have 10 differences to find.
 Where some of you might be thinking for example that the pink pinny is a different shade this is not what you should be looking for. It is only one image that I have taken before and after photos of and subtle differences have been added to the second one. Shading is not one of them. 

Go have yourself some Fun.

Please do not put your answers below in a comment but SEND me a seperate  email to the address in the side bar. Heading up Game No 4.  Open to all my current followers.  Goodie bags for the first correct answers. They are beginning to get stuffed full here. 

Stay Safe
and don't go boss eyed.

We had a total of 18 correct answers. Thankyou to everyone  who emailed me their lists.
Here is the definitive list of the spot the differences in the second image..

1.    Reading glasses have changed to sunglasses.
2.    Eyebrow added. 
3.    Extra teeth in mouth.
4.    Strand of hair added above bow on pinny.
5.    Bangle on her left arm has an extra bar.
6.    Heart added to pinny.
7.    Necklace added. 
8.    Extra line added on broom handle above hand.
9.    Extra bubble below edge of pinny.
10.  Pinny has an extra tie added to the bow. 

New game starts 9am 23rd Dec. 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Watch The Birdie.

Apart from a couple of family cards that I can't show yet these are the last two of my christmas cards for this year. 

Card no 1. 
A digi by Fred She Said called 'Winter Chickadee'. The first time I have attempted to colour. I used my Graph'it and Promarkers.  Rather pleased with the result.  Tonic die set Merry Christms Wave was used for the sentiment .

Card no2.
Is a digi by Just Inklined called 'Goose and Ganda' coloured up using my Graph'it and Promarkers.
Tonic Merry Wave  die again used for the sentiment. Frames are by Crafts -Too Square dies Scalloped edge. Ref PCD77.

News Update. 

I am not quite sure he has grasped the concept of the game yet. He is still on #1 and hasn't got one answer right!!
It is keeping him quite though.

He has done his 20 days isolation today and I told him he could come out if he wore his mask


" But I haven't got a mask " he said.

Well that settles it then!!

We are in  for a quiet christmas. 
Stay Safe in your own Bubbles.


Saturday, December 19, 2020

Spot The Difference No 3.

Oh your getting good at this! Time to up the ante me thinks  so you now have 10 to find!! 
Lesson  learned though not to use gel pens on the images. 
Answers to the game No2 have now been published here.

Are you ready then?

Let the mayhem commence. 

Digi image is again by QKR Stampede digi 16301 'Snowman Delivery' available to purchase from their store on line. Coloured using my promarkers and a black liner pen. 

Remember you are now looking for 10 spot the differences. Off you go then. Enjoy and basically have some fun. 

Please do not put your answers below in a comment but SEND me a seperate  email to the address in the side bar. Heading up Game No3.  Open to all my current followers.  Goodie bags for the first correct answers. 

We had a total of 3 outright  winners. Thankyou to everyone  who emailed me their lists.
Here is the definitive list of the spot the differences in the second image..

1.    Black tab on jacket.
2.    Middle of bow is speckled. 
3.    Extra button on tummy..
4.    Back runner on sledge coloured black.
5.    Middle section on hat coloured black.
6.    Extra bell hanging from hat.
7.    Pink cheeks. 
8.    Spots added to parcel paper.
9.    Extra dots round outside of his bottom.
10.  Extra christmas tree outline on edge of parcel.

New game starts 9am 21st Dec. 

Stay Safe
and don't go boss eyed.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Poinsettia Fun.

First two cards are more of the last ones made for this yr and not shown yet. 
1st card is a digi by  Little Claires Design called Poinsettia Corner.  I do like to see them on christmas Cards. 
I have coloured using my Graph'it and Promarker pens  and gel pen.  I coloured two images up and then
fussy cut  the large poinsettia out and adhered to the first image raising up to give a 3d effect. 
Sentiment is aTonic die Modern Merry Christmas. 

Second Card. is  another digi by Little claire Designs called Poinsettias.  Coloured with my Graph'it pens and promarkers plus a gold gel pen.  I then die cut is using Spellbinders A2 Floral Ribbon Threader. The sentiment is again the  Tonic die Modern Merry Christmas.

Then I was tidying up my desk from doing all the christmas paper  envelopes and had a pile of small snippet strips over. Well I couldn't just  throw them in the bin  could I,  so I sorted into colours and made up the following  5 sheets  by adhering using ds tape to use as backgrounds ready for next yrs cards. 

Then another idea popped up as they do. Why not use one of the sheets and die cut a sentiment and a poinsettia flower from it so I did!  Then following on from that idea why not use the matching embossing folder and make a card up for  the current  Let's Squash It challenge so I did just that.  

So my card is using a die cut by Chloe Endean Designs that has a matching Embossing folder.  I embossed a sheet of white linen stock card and then used one of the sheets from above to die cut the poinsettia die and also the sentiment.  I adhered the flowers more or less over the matching embossed flowers and then added the sprigs of holly randomly onto the background. The 3 red pearls were also out on my desk so waste not want not. 

Here is a picture of the embossing folder and matching die cut. 
Entering this card into the following:
Let's Squash It #3  Use any embossing folder and die cuts or fussy cutting. 
Pixie's Crafty Workshop #392 Use up your snippets (so I did!). 

Stay Safe. 
We are not out of the woods yet. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Spot The Difference No2

Ok. You seemed to like the first game so are you ready for another? Answers to the game No1 have now been published here.

So let the Frustration/ erm Fun begin.

Image is by QKR Stampede digi 15914 Christmas Snowman and is available to buy from their site .
Please note I have only coloured up one image. The two you see below are before  (altering) and after adding them.  Any variation is due to the lighting. Where I have changed a colour (or have I? That's for me to know and you to find) it will look distinctly different. 

Off you go then.  There are eight to find.  

Please do not use snopake (as I can't see it) on your screens  or put your answers below in a comment but SEND me a seperate  email to the address in the side bar. Heading up Game No2.  Open to all my current followers.  Goodie bags for the first correct answers. 

We had a total of 8 winners. Thankyou to everyone  who emailed me their lists.
Here is the definitive list of the spot the differences in the second image..

1.    Christmas tree has a red bauble on it.
2.    Extra snowflake under Snowmans right hand.. 
3.    Green stripes on candy cane.
4.    Different coloured berries on the holly.
5.    Snowman now has buttons on his tummy.
6.    Extra dot on letter N of noel.
7.    Black stripe on scarf at bottom. 
8.    Blue shading under scarf by left hand.

New game starts 9am 19th Dec. 

Keeping You Safe

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Mistletoe by Candle light.

Another two cards posted out with festive envelopes . I got through a lot of rolls of d.s. tape. I should have shares in the companies!

First card.
A digi image by The Stamping Boutique called 'Candle' coloured using my Graph'it and Promarkers. The sentiment is a Tonic die called 'Merry Christmas Wave.' The frame by Crafts -Too 'Rectangle dies.

Second Card.
Using a digi image by Just Inklined called 'Mistletoe' Coloured using the same pens as above.  The sentiment is a Britannia Die from Seasons Greeting Word set. Layered up several times for some depth. 

Now a few of you have solicitously asked the question so the short answer is yes he is here but at present is doing time in his isolation pod.!! 

Stay Safe like L'th. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Spot The difference No1.

Ok. I think it is time for us to have a little fun to take our minds off the current news items.
Below are two coloured images but the second one has 8 subtle changes to it.  Can you spot them?
Please do not list them in the comments below but send them to me in an email (to the address in the side bar) with the subject heading spot the difference no1. Open to all my current followers. The first correct list received will win a  surprise goodie bag. I will not be sending out till the new yr so items will not have a christmas theme just  items you can/will find useful in your crafting. 

Image is by QKR Stampede but no longer available on their site. 

Ready, Steady, Go!!!!

We had a total of 9 winners. Thankyou to everyone  who emailed me their lists.
Here is the definitive list of the spot the differences in the second image..

1.    Christmas tree is now dark green.
2.    Enlarged snowflake at top. 
3.    Price tag difference. That's inflation for you. Gone from $7 to $17.
4.    Bobble on hat is now coloured.
5.    Snowman now has eyebrows.
6.    Extra nail on sale sign.
7.    Hat now has a stripped  band on it. 
8.    Tree trunk is longer.

There were variations given as to why the tree trunk (No8).  was different but as you all recognised it wasn't quite the same that was good enough. 

New game starts 9am 17th Dec. 


Monday, December 14, 2020

Shut The Door Please.

Just rounding up showing the last of this years Christmas cards which have now all been sent/hand delivered. I had the bright idea of making the envelopes ( I never make standard size cards as I use cardstock.) from all of the freebie christmas card papers I have collected up over the past years. 86 cards later and the idea had worn a bit thin!! 
Here are just a few of them before I took to the post office for sending off.  Must admit they do look rather festive. 

Card No1. Uses a digi by Justinklined called 'Christmas Front Door'.  Coloured using a mixture of my Graph'it and Promarkers. The die cut flower is a stamp and die set by 'John Next Door'.  Frame is by Spellbinders  'Romantic Rectangle'. Sentiment a sticker from my stash. 

Card No2
Now I don't normally use the same image twice in a session of card making but I so enjoyed colouring this digi stamp up that I made an exception to my own rule and did it again using a different colourway which totally changes the appearance. Sentiment is a Tonic Die called modern Merry Christmas. I cut four times and layered up for depth.  The frame Die is by Crafts Too 'Rectangle Stitch Hole'
What do you think. 

Right I'm off to try and find an elusive  home Grocery slot. We drove past our local Sainsbury on Sunday morning whilst out hand delivering last of cards and the car park was heaving.  We didn't stop!!!

Stay Safe and Sane

Friday, December 11, 2020

Then he was 12

It was Grandson No2's 12th Birthday last week and this was the card that I made for him. The Digi is by LOTV Oliver Studying and coloured using my Promarker pens. 
Sentiment and banner are from Clearly Besotted called 'Basic Banners' and the papers from my stash.
I made the card as an easel and below shows it sideways on. 

Phew all my Christmas cards are now finished, enveloped up and ready for posting.  If you receive a card from me be rest assured that the envelopes have all been adhered down using double sided sticky tape!!

Stay safe and well