Monday, December 21, 2020

Spot The Difference no 4

 For us here in the UK great swathes of the country have just  had our christmas festivities scuppered well and truly by the Covid Virus  mutating at a rate of knots across the countryside with lockdown measures moved up to Tier 4 to try and combat it. 
So to take our minds of it all, lets' blow our noses, pull our big girls bloomers up and have ourselves a little fun. Are you ready for Spot The difference. No 4?
Come on then. The answers to game No 3 have now been published Here.

The image is again by QKR Stampede  digi 23802 'Old Lady Snowman. Available to buy from their site.  (BTW. I am not on any commission from them, I have purchased these images  to use as  1. there is a whole set of them, 2. the theme is christmassy and 3. they are nice and clear with out too much detail already on them to muddy the waters so to speak.)

My goodness I did give you a run for your money with the last game.  The sticking point was the sneaky extra christmas tree with only 3 people getting a full 10 out of 10 first time round. With a bit of a nudge from me some more of you got there in the end though.  

You have 10 differences to find.
 Where some of you might be thinking for example that the pink pinny is a different shade this is not what you should be looking for. It is only one image that I have taken before and after photos of and subtle differences have been added to the second one. Shading is not one of them. 

Go have yourself some Fun.

Please do not put your answers below in a comment but SEND me a seperate  email to the address in the side bar. Heading up Game No 4.  Open to all my current followers.  Goodie bags for the first correct answers. They are beginning to get stuffed full here. 

Stay Safe
and don't go boss eyed.

We had a total of 18 correct answers. Thankyou to everyone  who emailed me their lists.
Here is the definitive list of the spot the differences in the second image..

1.    Reading glasses have changed to sunglasses.
2.    Eyebrow added. 
3.    Extra teeth in mouth.
4.    Strand of hair added above bow on pinny.
5.    Bangle on her left arm has an extra bar.
6.    Heart added to pinny.
7.    Necklace added. 
8.    Extra line added on broom handle above hand.
9.    Extra bubble below edge of pinny.
10.  Pinny has an extra tie added to the bow. 

New game starts 9am 23rd Dec. 


Liz said...

Good morning Mrs A. I’ve blown my nose, pulled up my big girl's bloomers and sent you an email. xx

Freubelmina said...

Hi Mrs A, what a lovely snowwomen you’ve made, I love her!
I have sent you mail.
Keep healthy!
Hugs, Wilma xxx

Mac Mable said...

Sorry haven't had time to join in until today but I have sent you an email....with my big pants on x. Thanks for the fun x.

Aquarius said...

Big pants on - had to play again on this wet and windy Monday morning. Nice to see a snow lady

Margreet said...

This was really fun and I love the snowwoman.
Have sent you an email.
xxx Margreet

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous image and love the beautiful design.
Linda xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

Oh she's a beauty! Your changes are subtle but they do make her look even cuter! Enjoying your games and I just sent you an email!

Viv said...

Wearing my big pants as instructed. Mail on it's way. x

Di said...

So funny, I did spot the extra part of the Christmas tree on your previous Spot the Difference - but just didn't get time to send an email.


Di xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Valery, another super sweet snowman, well snowlady I guess. I'll have another go.
The Highlands have moved from tier 1 to tier 4, as al mainland Scotland has done, this will happen on Boxing day, a huge leap for us, but it doesn't really scupper any plans we had as we had none, and if it makes a difference it will be worth it. I do feel for people who haven't seen loved ones for a while or those vulnerable and living on their own, I feel so fortunate, keep safe, Kate x

Denise Bryant said...

I haven't played before, and I just sent you an email with the answers. That was fun! I may look back at your previous games for fun.
We are also in Tier 4 where I live in the US. Hoping for a better 2021 for us all.

Kath said...

I failed to find the Christmas tree on the last Spot the Difference, but have just sent you a message with what I hope is the list of differences in this one!
Kath x

Carol S. said...

A fun card Mrs A. and love the snowlady.
I am entering this new game today!! Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx

Karenladd said...

I had an extra cup of coffee this morning in preparation for attacking Game #4 and already sent my answers. Fingers crossed!!

Sandra H said...

Great snow lady love spotting the differences l haven’t played alone but really enjoy finding them for myself take care x

Di said...

Great fun now I'm getting into it - email on the way!


Di xx