Saturday, January 30, 2010

Self furred portrait

I really had fun doing this.
I used orange merino wool topping for the eyes
and grey and blue for the deffinitions but
otherwise it's all Wrapper. Even not so understanding Hubby said it looked like a persian.
See what you think. The real one is below.


And this is Wraper in the Flesh.

Friday, January 29, 2010


During the recent bad spell of weather I came across the art of making knitted items into felted ones and I'm hooked. Have just completed a pair of knitted felted slippers as my 1st project of the new year and will post pictures shortly. You can also do dry and wet felting using merino wool tops and wool from Alpacas.
Now I don't have any Alpacas grazing in the garden but I do have 3 Persian cats that require quite a bit of grooming and I have read that you can use their fur for felting. Sorry birds your nesting material will have to wait because I'm off to the Craft pod (small corner of the spare bedroom ) armed with a bag of fluff from Wrapper (blue/cream persian) to see what I can produce. Watch this space!!!