Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glass Painting

The class at my local craft shop this month was glass painting. They started us off with an old coffee jar to pratice on and then gave us the real McCoy to work on.

Here is my result. Usually I don't get to keep the things that I make but as soon as The Doc saw this he put it in the lounge so I guess its staying put!!

This fits in well with the Whimsy Jar Swap that I have entered. We have to decorate and fill a glass jar with nice things for our swap partner.

I have sourced a rather unusual shaped jar already. Ok so it dosen't have a lid at the moment but lets not pick hairs over a minor detail such as that. It will have when I have finished. Off to start painting it. Back shortly.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oranges & Lemons

Bagpuss and I both have the same problem at the moment. Namely Cystitis!
With Baggpuss it is an ongoing complaint and with me every 3rd or 4th attack is a bad one so Friday saw the Doc at the vets picking up a repeat perscription and me at the doctors getting a course of stronger pills .
When I was dispensing them back home I saw a potential hazzard. Spot the difference.

Baggpuss Pills

My Pills!

I don't think I will let the Doc dish any out just in case he is colour blind.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wimbledon Cupcake Heaven

Over at Anything Goes this week they have a challenge theme of Cupcakes and colours Bright
which rather took my fancy.
I am also entering it in the Secret Crafter Saturday challenge.

Now I don't do cards as anyone who follows my blog knows ( I leave that all to Faye) but I do Do any thing else thats going. So here is my entry inspired by it being Wimbledon fortnight and you always have strawberries and cream on centre court right!!

How to make a frilly case gave me quite a headache with about 3 trips to the drawing board but I devised a method of making it in the end. (Actually it was the 1st idea that I tried which worked the best.Isn't that always the way!)

And yes as with my other felt creations this one does smell of stawberries and cream. Let the party commence.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Passport control!

The dolls were all packed ready to go when my Son paid a visit and upon seeing them said "They do all have Passports don't they?" Der!!!!

Now never being one to shirk a challenge without further ado here they are. If Son mentions suitcases there will be a death in the family!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say Cheese.

Well here they finally are. Lily, Annabel and Lucy. They are from a Prim Raggs e-pattern 139 Best Friends. I have given them different underwear and changed the dresses somewhat.

They loved the photo shoot and stayed ever so still for the shots!!

I did try telling them that David Bailey wasn't available.

There going on a long journey now to Maryland to meet their new owners. Abigail, Anna and Eleanor. Hope you like them girls and enjoy them as much as I have.

The Dolls

Here they are just hanging around after their spray suntan!!

Then disaster struck. One of the dolls decided to give me a helping HAND with the face painting.

Result? Major surgery. One amputation and a new arm replacement. As you can see she is recovering well after her ordeal and is sitting up already with her pals!!!! They do look rather cute in their underwear don't they. Final photo shoot coming up after they have been to the hairdressers and had a last minute dress fitting.

Friday, June 11, 2010

More sneak peeks.

Pretty dull huh. Just a plain white teeshirt dress from a High St. store. Well not for long cos I've got me a Sizzix Big Shot die cutter, so let the fun commence.

Another sneak peak.
Ok. Lets just see how long it takes the recipient this is intended for to
A. Twig its for them!!
B. What it is going to be!!

If it's a nice day tomorrow the dolls are going to do a photo shoot in the back garden.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A sneak peek view

I think I will call them see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil for the time being!!!!

They are just one of the projects that I have on the go at the moment. This little trio are destined for America. Their names and hair colour have been chosen now and dresses and bloomers made for each one.
They are off to a tea party next (not to drink mind you) to get sprayed to make them look more like the pioneer dolls of yester year.

I will post some more sneaky peeks of other projects later.
Now where did I put the spray bottle and the instant tea erm!!!!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Return Pockets

Here are the return pockets from my swap partner Sherry. Aren't they adorable and so stuffed full with goodies.
Here is a close up of the flower trim. I just love it. The colours are sooooooh me. Note to myself .(I need to get a die cutter machine).

And here are the goodies inside. Lots of lovely lace and loads of buttons all sewn onto seperate tags. I had only just opened my parcel when Doc appeared at my elbow and before I knew it the pockets were hung on the wall and a little note pad had been spirited downstairs to go beside the telephone!

I had told Sherry that I liked the Fred Astair/Ginger Rogers Era and she made me a little note pad with pictures and music on the covers and one of her fabulous dolls to represent Ginger. The face on the doll is just exquisite. Thankyou so much Sherry. The ribbons and bows and little flowers are so nice I won't want to use them but keep them all to myself. How selfish is that!!!!!
I couldn't have asked for a nicer swap partner.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Table Cloth Challenge

Here is my entry for Mrs Moen's Tablecloth Challenge.This was the old cloth that I bought from the charity shop for the challenge. We needed to transform it into something else that was pretty and useful.
The runner had a large tear in it and also some black marker pen on it. After I had carefully washed it I also found that it had a few brown stains as well. I was already beginning to get an idea of what I wanted to make so time for a nice cup of tea,( not to drink ) but to dye the runner a nice cream colour to hide the stains. It actually took two pots of tea to get the colour I wanted!
Shabby chic.

Next job was to start cutting. The tear was near one end but gave me just enough to cut a useable piece from the bottom to include the flower pattern. I cut an identical piece from the other end and joined the two together to make a square. I had a piece of old ribbon lace that I dyed at the same time and used this across the middle of the square and threaded with burgandy ribbon. This then left me with middle of the runer which had the black marks on it but I used the same ribbon and managed to hide the marks by stitching to the panel. I then made this into a fat tube. A remnant of cream silk from ebay for 50p and this is the result. Two new scatter cushions for the bedroom which is cream and burgandy.

Here they are in situ. This left me with a tiny sliver of the original table runner which I had started using to mark a page in a book that I had for my birthday (Handmade Gifts in the Japanese Tradition . This is a tiny clue for Jo and Margreet).

So not wanting to waste anything here is an added bonus. A bookmark!!! I had this post all ready to go out on June 1st but I spent so much time doing this that when I checked the clock I had missed the dealine by 5 mins. Oh well the thought was there.