Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glass Painting

The class at my local craft shop this month was glass painting. They started us off with an old coffee jar to pratice on and then gave us the real McCoy to work on.

Here is my result. Usually I don't get to keep the things that I make but as soon as The Doc saw this he put it in the lounge so I guess its staying put!!

This fits in well with the Whimsy Jar Swap that I have entered. We have to decorate and fill a glass jar with nice things for our swap partner.

I have sourced a rather unusual shaped jar already. Ok so it dosen't have a lid at the moment but lets not pick hairs over a minor detail such as that. It will have when I have finished. Off to start painting it. Back shortly.


Margreet said...

that's stunning Mrs. A. and that for the first time!...you're a many-sided artist!
xxx Margreet

Faye said...

That is gorgeous and it has the perfect home with the light behind it! ;)

Ann said...

Oh it looks lovely Valery - perfect place for it on the windowsill. Also I forgot to comment on your fabulous cupcake the other day - it looks absolutely delicious!!!

SweetnCrafty Gal said...

Hey Mrs A!! Faye's just shared your lovely blog with me!! i had to come see!!! your creations are stunning!! i do have to say i looooove th cupcake down below on a previous post (faye will tell ya im cupcake mad!!) haha!

Your glass painting has really inspired me, i was only thinking about having ago this afternoon when i saw it in the latest creativity magazine, now seeing your wonderful vase im going to have to give it ago once my operation has been and gone on my wrist!!

you have a new follower (or stalker hehe!!) now!!! :-) Hugs Carlyann (Design Team friend of faye's!) xxxxx

Sherry said...

Wow, your glass painting is gorgeous!! I have a glass painting kit on a top shelf collecting dust - maybe I should get it out now!

Jo said...

This is beautiful, Faye has a very clever mummy, well done you and on your first time too ;) *claps*

Lindsey said...

Wow this is gorgeous! Love the colours, last time i tried glass painting i knocked the paint jar over the (brand spanking new) kitchen work top and had a job getting it off esp. where it met the cracks in the hob!