Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say Cheese.

Well here they finally are. Lily, Annabel and Lucy. They are from a Prim Raggs e-pattern 139 Best Friends. I have given them different underwear and changed the dresses somewhat.

They loved the photo shoot and stayed ever so still for the shots!!

I did try telling them that David Bailey wasn't available.

There going on a long journey now to Maryland to meet their new owners. Abigail, Anna and Eleanor. Hope you like them girls and enjoy them as much as I have.


  1. Oh Mum, they are gorgeous, I am sure they will be well received. Looks like they enjoyed their photoshoot. xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, Mrs. A. - these are just MAGNIFICENT! You know, I love dolls (never had a Raggedy Ann - said I would make myself one; time to take out that sewing machine!). I love how you've dressed them and styled their hair; they are absolutely incredibly gorgeous! I love them and I know their recipient will adore them too! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. They really are so sweet!! I love their dresses and their little name patches. Their new owners are sure to love them. (and they did make perfect models ... David Bailey? Who's he - we're showing our age I think - LOL)

  4. They are really lovely, I hope that they have a good journey to their new owners. I am certain they will be loved and treasured.

  5. Valerie... I love them..... so cute... Raggedies are my favourite kind of dolls..

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    Cath Ü

  6. These are so so very cute!! I love their "spray" tans!!

  7. They look gorgeous and I'm sure they'll be loved by their new owners. So glad they survived their ordeals on the way and no after effects from the surgery.

  8. Hiya Mrs. A. wohooooo they are really wonderfull, wow I don't know how you can make such amazing for youre very sweet comment on my blog Mrs. A.and thanks for sharing youre fabulous
    Hugs Terry xxxx

  9. They are fabulous, and the girls love them! Thank you so much, Auntie Val, for putting in time and effort to make such special things for my girls!
    I'll be getting some photos of their delight posted soon...:)


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