Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Table Cloth Challenge

Here is my entry for Mrs Moen's Tablecloth Challenge.This was the old cloth that I bought from the charity shop for the challenge. We needed to transform it into something else that was pretty and useful.
The runner had a large tear in it and also some black marker pen on it. After I had carefully washed it I also found that it had a few brown stains as well. I was already beginning to get an idea of what I wanted to make so time for a nice cup of tea,( not to drink ) but to dye the runner a nice cream colour to hide the stains. It actually took two pots of tea to get the colour I wanted!
Shabby chic.

Next job was to start cutting. The tear was near one end but gave me just enough to cut a useable piece from the bottom to include the flower pattern. I cut an identical piece from the other end and joined the two together to make a square. I had a piece of old ribbon lace that I dyed at the same time and used this across the middle of the square and threaded with burgandy ribbon. This then left me with middle of the runer which had the black marks on it but I used the same ribbon and managed to hide the marks by stitching to the panel. I then made this into a fat tube. A remnant of cream silk from ebay for 50p and this is the result. Two new scatter cushions for the bedroom which is cream and burgandy.

Here they are in situ. This left me with a tiny sliver of the original table runner which I had started using to mark a page in a book that I had for my birthday (Handmade Gifts in the Japanese Tradition . This is a tiny clue for Jo and Margreet).

So not wanting to waste anything here is an added bonus. A bookmark!!! I had this post all ready to go out on June 1st but I spent so much time doing this that when I checked the clock I had missed the dealine by 5 mins. Oh well the thought was there.


Terry Oulboub said...

Incredibly gorgeous; love your talented way to take something imperfect as it is and make it magnificent, Mrs. A. Quite a beautiful bounty of bed pillows! The bookmark is especially lovely! TFS!

Faye said...

All these prjects are wonderful. Truly amazing how you made so many beautiful things out of a knackered old tablecloth, well done you. xxx

Sherry said...

What a fabulous transformation! Your new cushions are wonderful and we'd never have guessed they'd been recyled from an old tablecloth!

(I posted your pockets off this morning, they should be with you tomorrow)

Deborah said...

Lovely! What a wonderful idea!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I love that you used every last bit. Your pillows look very elegant, nice work!