Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wimbledon Cupcake Heaven

Over at Anything Goes this week they have a challenge theme of Cupcakes and colours Bright
which rather took my fancy.
I am also entering it in the Secret Crafter Saturday challenge.

Now I don't do cards as anyone who follows my blog knows ( I leave that all to Faye) but I do Do any thing else thats going. So here is my entry inspired by it being Wimbledon fortnight and you always have strawberries and cream on centre court right!!

How to make a frilly case gave me quite a headache with about 3 trips to the drawing board but I devised a method of making it in the end. (Actually it was the 1st idea that I tried which worked the best.Isn't that always the way!)

And yes as with my other felt creations this one does smell of stawberries and cream. Let the party commence.


  1. OMG thats the yummiest cupcake in the world.

    Thank you so much for the felt chocolate pin cushions, i gave them to my Mom at the weekend and she almost ate one!
    they are so delicious, thank you again
    love emma xxx

  2. OMG! This is just brilliant, it just looks like a cake. Want it! xxx

  3. I cannot believe that this isn't a cake! That would be sooooo perfect for my diet! It is brilliant! I wish i could sew......i'd sew all my own food!
    Linds xxx

  4. Mrs. A., that is delectable...well, it does seem to be anway! :-)

  5. It's hard to believe your cupcake is made of fabric - it really does look good enough to eat ... and it smells too? Fabulous!!

  6. This is brilliant, it looks good enough to eat!

    Liz x

  7. Wow! this is fantastic and very creative, fabulous. Thank you for joining us at Anything Goes. Lynne

  8. There was me thinking you had taken a pikky of a strawberry cupcake! Wow! It is really is fantastic. Brilliant and thank you for entering it into our Strawberries n Cream Challenge over at SCS

    TracieB xx


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