Monday, May 30, 2011

Seagulls Nest.

The theme for the March monthly Matchbox Swap was Birds.
I had this wooden cut out of a bird that I thought rather looked like a Seagull so my idea for the box was born. I made the matchbox from cream cardstock and covered the top with paper that looked like sunset over the water. The rock was from the garden and painted white. The birds eggs small stones from the rockery painted blue with black speckles and the nest crafted from dried twigs, leaves and birds feathers twinned together with florist wire. Box knob was made from several shrink plastic buttons sewn together.

These are the goodies I collected inside for my swap partner Wendy. I am so having fun with shrink plastic at the moment. I drew and coloured in (using water colour pencils) several diferent birds using shrink plastic and made two sets of buttons (parrots) and a pendant(a bluebird).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordesk Wednesday 103.

Not so much whats on my desk but on the floor. As promised this is the sewing machine cover that I made my partner for the swap. Actually made for an embroidery machine so is much bigger than would fit on my desk so I had to put it on the floor to take some pictures!

Close up of the side pocket.

and close up of the front showing the fairy door. In my hurry to get it posted off I forgot to show what was underneath namely an owl. My partner said she liked bright colours , one wall of her sewing room is red and she likes owls and whimsical so this is what I came up with.

Told you it was big!!

I quilted it using buttons of different sizes and tieing off with red embroidery thread.

I made a couple of extras from the owl material. A note book and a pomander. The owl was behind the door.

For more fun and snooping of some very interesting desks why not pop on over to Julia's blog.

Thats where I'm headed for later on once I find out what monkey is up to. Have a good day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How to transport a Monkey.

How do you keep a monkey occupied on the long journey to America.
Well you give him his own toy box to play in. Very simply made from cardboard sheets covered in different papers(these are by Craft Beautiful from their Delicate Garden range ) and holes punched round the sides and then threaded together with matching wool. A large button holds the lid closed.

I hear that he is very happy in his new home and made lots of friends.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Workdesk Wednesday 102

This is what is on my desk this morning. My spanking new sewing machine cover made by the gorgeous Elisa and has come all the way from Portugal. Thankyou so much Elisa it's fab.
I recently entered the sewing machine cover swap and Elisa was the secret maker of mine. My swap partner was Jan in America. I heard today that she has received it now so I can do a post later and show you. It was for an embroidery machine so a lot bigger and didn't fit on my desk to take a picture. (I needed the kitchen floor for that!!!!Lol.)

Now look who has turned back up with tales of dirty deeds (kidnapping, false promises of freebie holidays in USA, imprisonment and being mugged for his designer glasses)!!!!!!. Pull the other one, Monkey. To make sure he stays put for a bit he is chained to my desk light and will remain so until he comes clean as to what he has actually been up to.

He even had the cheek to ask me if I would knit him a blue pullover like Jam has cos he has heard it gets quite cold at night times in hot countries , replace his lost glasses and make him a suitcase for his hols.

As Monkey is otherwise occupied on my desk I will show his desk space.

This is my next painting but instead of waiting until it is finished I thought I'd show it to you as WIP. The picture I'm working from is old spanish style buildings on a shore line with a boat in the foreground. I'm rubbish at drawing but I think you get the drift.

Just like to add that no animals were hurt in the production of this post only their pride.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fimo Jewellery

The latest jewellery class at my local craft store was using Fimo clay. The pattern we had to produce is called Chrysanthemum canes and invloved us rolling thin sheets of different coloured fimo layering them up and then putting through a pasta making machine. Quite messy but all great fun. These are the pieces that I made.

Once layered up the fimo is rolled up into a fat roll and indents cut into the roll to produce the flower design. You then cut thin slices off the roll and layer onto a thin backing sheet of fimo, lightly roll to adhere and then you are ready to stamp out the pieces. I chose a simple flower shape cutter to make this pendant, brooch and earings.

I also had enough to make a set of buttons too.

I am entering this into :

1st Unique Gifts: Handmade Monday.

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I am also entering this as my monthly make for May over at The Felt Fairy:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Underneath the Sea.

I thought I would have a go at making a tag for a change. Over at Blog Challenge Garden this week the theme is 'What lurks under the waves out in the deep.' This is my interpretation.

I started off by painting the tag with a green paint wash. I then drew some under water plants and stones on top for the sea bed and coloured in with watercolour pencils which I then painted over with a wet brush. A mermaid cut from fabric, a pink bead threaded necklace for her round her neck, a pair of old dismantled fish earings (yes I really do keep everything)) and some pearls finished the look. Lastly I covered the whole tag in mauve netting and added some knotted string for the loop.

I am entering this into the following challenges.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Spots before your Eyes.

With 'The Wedding' coming up in the family got to start thinking about hats, bags and shoes as well as an outfit to wear. So I thought I would start at the bottom and work my way up by designing some shoes first!

The heel is made from a ball bottle top and a piece of garden cane stuck into the top using air dry clay and then painting with matt black artists paint. The sole is from cardboard covered with paper from Funky Hands 'Paper Blossom ' range pattern stripesNo 20. and Basket Weave No 9.

The uper is made using the Spots No 4 from the same range and glued double thickness.

A stripe tab and button finish the look. Hows that for a spring shoe.

And remember as with Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Prada if the correct design label is not in the shoe its probably a 'Fake'!!!

I am entering this into the following challenges.

Get Funky: Spots and Stripes.

Creative Belli: Letter S. Spots/stripes/swirls/stars etc.

The Crazy challenge: Anything goes.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wedding Cake.

The April Monthly Matchbox Swap was a Wedding Theme. You could either use a ready made matchbox or make one yourself. I choose to make mine from cardstock and decided to make the box into 'The Cake'.
Made from lilac card , lace, ribbon, flower decoration and a pearl bead for the drawer handle and I made the cake 3 tiered.

Drawer open showing lace inset.

And these are the homemade goodies I filled the box with.

Invitation Card.

Brides bouquet.

Picture Frame.
Lace flower and piece of material from my Wedding dress.

Wedding Dress. (Packed seperately).

I am entering this into the following challenges.

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Pollycraft challenge: Anything Goes.

Peartree Designs: Free For All.

Charisma Cardz: No cards allowed.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Workdesk Wednesday 100

Well it's not so much what is on my desk today but what can you see from my desk!
This morning I was busy finishing off an item on my desk that needed to to be posted later on today (should have been finished Saturday, running very late) so as it is for a swap it is under wraps. Also rather large and bulky so no room for anything else on there.

So in the grand old tradition of the seaside landlady this is the view you get if you stand on my craft desk, hang out the window at a 45 degree angle with 'The Doc' holding my ankles (or not) and take a photo to send home. A few years ago The Doc asked if I would make him circle at the bottom of the garden for a table and chairs to go on as the sun finishes up down in that corner. This is what I created.

But then I sort of got a bit carried away and carried up the rest of the garden with a stream stepping stones and a further circle!!

Iv'e been to my next art class and we did Delphiniums this time. It is still drying out so has been on an easel on the table in the garden in the sun. I think I'm begining to get the hang of this paint
job now.

Monkey is still AWOL so there is no desk from him either. Where the devil can he be. When he does turn up the only thing he is gonner be swinging from is my desk lamp with a ball and chain!
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