Monday, May 30, 2011

Seagulls Nest.

The theme for the March monthly Matchbox Swap was Birds.
I had this wooden cut out of a bird that I thought rather looked like a Seagull so my idea for the box was born. I made the matchbox from cream cardstock and covered the top with paper that looked like sunset over the water. The rock was from the garden and painted white. The birds eggs small stones from the rockery painted blue with black speckles and the nest crafted from dried twigs, leaves and birds feathers twinned together with florist wire. Box knob was made from several shrink plastic buttons sewn together.

These are the goodies I collected inside for my swap partner Wendy. I am so having fun with shrink plastic at the moment. I drew and coloured in (using water colour pencils) several diferent birds using shrink plastic and made two sets of buttons (parrots) and a pendant(a bluebird).


  1. This is such a beautiful creation ! Gosh you are such a talented lady ! Hugs x

  2. I love how the eggs are rockery stones- how inventive is that?
    Sue xx

  3. That was Sue from little imperfections.
    Can't comment with my blog title??????????

  4. These are so adorable, Mrs. A. I just love how you created the bird and sitting atop a matchbox. Genius! Love the stones as eggs - very clever. Looks like you've been having much fun! :-)

  5. Amazingly detail on your wonderful, tiny creation!

    Shrinkies are so FUN and great for lots of interesting bits!

  6. The bird looks so regal sitting atop the box! Love the rock and in particular the eggs.


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