Friday, December 30, 2016


I only have the one Tilda stamp (thankyou Jules for letting me have ) and here she is. I just felt like doing a spot of colouring with my Derwent Water Colour pencils whilst waiting for the drainage contractors to turn back up today.
'Big Bertha 2 ' spent 3 hours yesterday finally clearing the blockage out on the main road.  The Doc requested them back today to make sure that the two drains on our property were completely clear which thankfully they were.  So we can  now enter 2017 flushed with success  so to speak!
Now onto my card.
Coloured using my pencils and a water filled pen brush.  Base card is made from green cardstock and the papers are from my stash. I have no name for the backing sheet with the bird on but think it was a gift sent by a fellow blogger when doing a swap. The paper peeking out from behind Tilda is a freebie from Making cards Magazine Aug 2012 the Nancy Watt collection called 'Summer Ladies'. All the embellishments I found when sorting out a box of  oddments  of this and that.
The photo above was taken using flash but it has just caught the tip of her bow and is not showing the true colours. The photo below is without flash but is a lot duller. Can't win at the moment taking photos inside. 

Entering into the following challenges :
Simply Magnolia # Anything goes using magnolia products.
Lovely Hanglar or Sweet Magnolia Challenge #141 Anything goes.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

So how was your Christmas!

So how did Christmas go for you then?
Ours was erm, you could say interesting to say the very least.

Let me explain.

As you may recall The Doc was saving his  'Elijah Craig  Bourbon whisky for Christmas evening which he duly did but with the following result.


Ugh. This is cold tea!


which roughly translates as 
"Just wait till  get my hands on that L'th Elf"

But I digress as  this is not the main reason for todays story. We have had much more fun and games than that! 
So lets return to Christmas Eve when the downstairs toilet began backing up! Well actually it had begun before then but we have this happen on a regular basis with the main drains out on the through road causing a huge blockage. At first you  look at the water level and say to each other does that look higher to you (I know we live such interesting lives) than before. We  kept debating it and finally agreed it was time to call up the council but we would wait till after Christmas/Boxing day because if you do call them out and the blockage is on your property You Pay and there was  no way were we paying premium call out charges for that period. So to put it  succinctly sprouts and prunes were off the menu!! 
Fast foward now to yesterday morning and The Doc logged his call with the local council help desk where a very efficient  lady pulled up her screens and said " Oh yes I can see your last call out to us and that was a very complicated problem. I will send the team round to you asap."
The two man team arrived and pulled up our manhole cover and agreed that the blockage was on the council's side of the drain. (Phew. No Charge then). The Doc took them along to the next manhole cover( between us and the main road) and still blocked so they set to work with their pumping gear to clear. Several hours later a knock on the door to say that they had flushed 4 tank loads of water through and no success so they would call up for reinforcements. (i.e The Tanker which The Doc  over the years has nick named  Big Bertha). 
Well 'Big Bertha' arrived this morning and pumping  really began in earnest. By now we have a major incident on our hands with the main road blocked off and Big Bertha parked up pumping for Britain that is until the Hydraulic Air Hose blew the pipe off the machinery.( At this point in time the Michael Caine film 'The Italian Job' springs to mind.) 
This is the same Hydraulic air hose that supplies the brakes to Big Bertha! So now the crew are incapacitated and have to call out the AA/RAC to be fixed.  (You couldn't make it up). 
3 hrs later and Big Bertha has been fixed and retreated licking her wounds and Big Bertha 2 has now arrived on the scene!!!!!!!!!

Watch this space for further updates. 

P.s  The Doc is in his element. !!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016


It's time once again for the Butterfly Challenge and these are my inspiration cards  for you for the new theme which is

(The definition for Zucchini as a colour is hues of yellow through to hues of green).

Sorry the photos are so dark but this is the best lighting I can get.  The base card is made from dark green card stock and layered with a light lemon. The image is from Hunkydory's Little Book of 'Jewelled Butterflies'. I have adhered off centre to leave a blank panel down the side  for the sentiment which was created using letters from Craft Emotions Alphabet Die.  My zero element  is in the XOXO!

My second card uses another Hunkydory image this time from their Little book of 'Vintage Lace.'  I have made a card base again using the green and lemon cardstock plus a sheet of acetate. The pearls, ribbon and gold sentiment stickers are from my stash. 

Showing the acetate panel below. 
My Zero element is in the 30th sentiment. 

Hope you will play along.

Desire Fourie has invited me to join in her challenge below.
Create with TLC challenge #6  Anything goes.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas.

Wishing all my lovely friends in blogland a very Merry Christmas.

Showing the Christmas card I made for The Doc.


Small print. Image by Bugaboo ' Flower Gals - Pansy' which I have coloured in red and green promarkers and edged with gold gel pen.  Sentiment is a round the corner one by Phil Martin 'Sentimentally Yours'. Tartan paper is a freebie from Making Cards christmas edition 2015 'Pretty Poinsettia'. You cant see in this photo but her shoes have been given a coating of glossy accents which in IRL do shine.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Blast Off.

There was a lot of banging and drilling noises  going on all day yesterday coming from the garden shed.

I overheard this conversation as well.

"There is no way that 'Big Elf 'is getting home before me this year.  He beat me by 5 mins last year. That bottle of Whisky ( from Santa for the 1st one home) is mine I tell you . After all the trouble you have gotten me into".

"Will there be enough room for the two of us Elf Boss ?"

"Your coming home with me  don't you worry."

This was the scene  later on in the afternoon just as it was getting dark.

Where did that come from?

"Hold on tightly Little L'th  we're off"


and on that note I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me, The Doc
and one very happy cat!



Friday, December 23, 2016


So the conversation went  this morning with The Doc calling up the stairs
"Have you seen the Snowman in the garden?

"No." " How can there be a Snowman when it hasn't  even snowed"?

"Well there is so come and see".

This is what I found.

 Definitely a snowman!
 I might have known!!!!!!
They left the evidence on how it was made. 

What is slightly more worrying though is the notice that has appeared  on the garden shed.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Heart in Mouth!

I had a serious heart in mouth 5 mins this morning when The Doc yelled up the stairs
"Have you seen what Your 2 elves have done to the Tree in the back garden" ?

I tell you I hot footed it/slid down the bannister rail like a skid pan with visions of The Doc's Chain Saw left unattended in the garden shed before my eyes.

Of course I had let them back indoors the night before but it was dark so I saw nothing untoward.

This is the sight that beheld my eyes from the kitchen window.

They had found a box of old baubles in my craft shed  and had you have been a bird in the garden yesterday you would have spied the two decorating the said  tree. 

"See I told you Mrs A would like it"

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


"Well thats another fine mess you got us into Little L'th. Now where barred from the whole house."

"What are we  going to find to do in the garden till tea time?"

"There must be something "!!

Much , much laters.
"Erm. Can we come back in now Mrs A cos its dark and cold out here"?

Disclaimer. I was going to let them back in honest I was. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

House Decorations

"So, we've been banned from the dinning room, sitting room, kitchen and now the bathroom so what shall we do today"?
" I know. Lets see what we can find in the airing cupboard to play with"!!

"These will do nicely".

"Ok. Lets roll"

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Cream.

"Ok. Mrs A. has banned us from the lounge and dining room cos the decorations are up and we've been barred from doing anything in the kitchen so what else can we do"?
"I know. Lets go and clean our teeth. Mrs A  will be pleased with us for doing that".

"Ok". I 'll squeeze and you tell me when to stop Elf Boss"

"Stop, Stop!!"

"Isn't this rather a lot of toothpaste  Little L'th to clean our teeth with?

"Don't worry Elf Boss just call the cat up here and tell her it's cream. She'll love it."

"Oky doky".

Much Laters a conversation between me and The Doc.

"I think the cats eaten something that disagreed with her as she's just been 5 times in her litter tray"!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016


The scene very late last night.

Don't you worry Little L'th. I will have you out in a jiffy.

There isn't a lock in the world I can't open!!!!!

I was going to let him out. Honest!

Pesky Elves.

I have been trying to get this card posted for over a week now and keep forgetting to take a photo of it. When I do remember the light has gone so too late.  Not great photos today but the best I could get.
When I  saw this image from  A Day For Daisies I just knew I had to purchase it asap. It's called 'Elves at Work' and just perfect for my next inspiration card to show you for the  Butterfly challenge which for this month only is #68 All Kinds of Fairies,Elves, Gnomes and Pixies.
The challenge runs until the 27th of December so still  time to enter.

First card taken with the flash off. The red word design paper is by Pink Petticoat "Joy & Merry Winter  Wishes" The parcel paper  is from a freebie magazine pack and is a 'Holly Hobby' design.
I have backed the digi image onto an offcut of cardboard (from a porridge cereal box) to stiffen and coloured with my promarkers and pearlescent chalks. Fronted with a sheet of acetate (thankfully I missed the glare from the camera) . Silver stickers and sentiment from my stash.

I took this photo with the flash on which gives a better idea of the colours.

Entering into the following challenges:
Pixie's Crafty Workshop #260 Use your snippets (cardboard).
Creative Ladybirds Creations #22 Anything goes.
Crafty Hazelnut's Patterned Paper # Anything goes.
Love To Craft  #Anything goes.
Crafts Galore # Merry christmas.
Crafty Calendar # Christmas Time.
Creative with Stamps #9 Use christmas stamps.

Lets Craft and  Create Challenge #120 Christmas and/or New Year.
Paper Creator's Crafts #54 Christmas.
Card Mania #87 Anything goes.

Next installment from those Pesky Evles coming later this afternoon so stay tuned!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I have the Keys!

I have the keys Yay!!!!!

Oh bliss!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Missing and Found!

What a day I have just had. I woke up this morning pretty sure that a piece of one of my back teeth had broken off exposing the inside of the tooth leaving a rough edge.
Then I found that one of my anklet chains had fallen off and as I hadn't been outside since when I last knew I was wearing it had to be in the house somewhere. The Doc and I scoured everywhere for it and I eventually found it on the craft room floor.

The reason it came off is because the link chain is broken. Not worth the repair cost  so will be relegated to the snippets box for future craft use. 
Now you would think that if I can find something this small on the floor I can find anything!! Well not so my glue gun that has inexplicably gone missing and is not where I normally keep it. No time for looking for it now as I need to get to the Dentist asap. 


Much laters. 
Just gotten home from the dentist where I had indeed lost a piece of my tooth. The good news is that my Dentist did a repair job for me there and then and I now have a new resin inlay covering the said tooth. So to be on the safe side The Doc suggested we had a light tea tonight and suggested boiled eggs with cheese sauce. Good idea  (Famous last words).  As I knew there were 4 eggs left in the fridge I went into the kitchen to put the egg boiler on.  Opened the fridge and found .............

"Little L'th ?"
"Have you used 2 more eggs up?"


"Not eggactly!!!!!"

"What have you got behind your backs then ?"


"Little L'th"
"Just you give me back my glue gun this minute and then you can go and explain in detail to The Doc why he is having Scrambled  Eggs for his tea!!!"