Tuesday, December 06, 2016

All Wrapped Up.

So I asked Norm this morning if he had seen the Pesky Elves and if so what were they doing.

Back came the reply.

"Yes I have. They asked me if I knew where you kept the cling film as they wanted to do some wrapping up"

 Silly question I know but  I had to ask it. "Do you know where they are now then ?"

" No not exactly but they  did go upstairs."

They were both scrubbed up and sent off to bed with no tea!
I now have a traumatised cat, two traumatized mice and hubby needing to spend a penny and it's only day 6!!


Margreet said...

Oh, sorry, but I'm sitting here with a big smile...this is hilarious!
Harry sends you kisses!
xxx Margreet

Jenny L said...

Hi Mrs A,
oh poor Doc that is not nice thing to greet you when nature calls.
Those pesky Elves deserve no tea for giving him and you such a traumatic time.
Is there no one they havn't turned on.
I believe it could be Norm's and Sammy's turn next.
Look out Norm and Sammy hide if I were you.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Kathleen said...

The mind boggles.
Nice toilet seat.

Kath x

cuilliesocks said...

OMG, what naughty Elves, there's no end to their mischief, Kate x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Oh my!!! Any day is a new mischief!! Poor you!
... I have learn another thing in english... Before now I didn't knew "spend a penny"... Ah ah ah :D

Brenda in IN said...

Oh how funny. I love your blue toilet and pretty seat. So fancy!

Margo said...

Good thing you sent them to bed without tea !

Darnell said...

And a proper punishment twas, too, making Doc hold it! I'm sure you both had to have some special "tea" for medicinal porpoises after all that! Hugs, Darnell

Suze said...

Whatever next? I hate to think! I'm hoping that sending them to bed without tea doesn't give them too much time to think up more mischief!

brenda said...

In answer to you question over my way it's a definite NO, hope you got that Valery NO, after last years shenanigans I don't think my blood pressure could take it.

On a serious note, your posts add a fun element to the festive season, but will apologise if I don't always get to comment as typing remains difficult and in short bursts.

B x

aussie aNNie said...

OMGOODness, you crack me up this is sooooo funny...xxxx

Di said...

Oooer, we used to have loo seats like that! Flowers and shells sort of encapsulated in resin. Bought when we couldn't replace the original ivory ones. But, they did come without cling film! Bad elves 😅


Di xx

Sandra H said...

Oooooh and the end is no where near which can only spell more trouble!....lol x

Aquarius said...

What will they think of next I wonder - thanks for making us smile!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Definitely they are up to mischief. Perhaps you can use the cling wrap to contain them to a couple of chairs for a few hours, give you some peace.

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Oh dear, now this reminds me of a prank played many many (not by me I might add) years ago in the work place and it went very badly, as the next person to use the facilities was disabled. However this did make me smile.

Sue xx