Sunday, December 18, 2016


The scene very late last night.

Don't you worry Little L'th. I will have you out in a jiffy.

There isn't a lock in the world I can't open!!!!!

I was going to let him out. Honest!


  1. Ha, I knew it was too good to be true. You'd better be careful or you'll be reported to the NSPCE - still I suppose they might take them away and re-home them?

  2. You see Boss Elf had to be around somewhere, I hope it's been a quiet day, Kate x

  3. Hopefully he takes a while to get L'th out so that you can enjoy a bit more peace in the meantime! At least it keeps Elf Boss busy too while he is figuring out how to get L'th free. Although L'th might just have had too much time to think.........

  4. This was to be expected, I think....hope you have had some quiet hours?
    xxx Margreet

  5. Oh Dear L'th is on the loose again, I wonder what mischief they will get up to next.

    Sue xx

  6. I was sure that Persky Elf was around!
    Poor L'th, he is so young. Youngest people have to learn a lot of things on life... Give him another chance, Mrs... :D LOL

  7. Because of the flu I did not follow the latest adventures. Now it's making me smile! You have got talent Mrs. A, that's for sure!!
    Lia, xx

  8. This was bound to happen. I knew he couldn't wait to get her loose so they could continue to wreak havoc in your home!


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