Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Full Speed Ahead!

This was one conversation that I definitely did not want to overhear !!

"Right, Elf Boss you switch on at the wall and time me for 2 minutes"

"You sure you want 2 minutes?"

Yes that's what it says on the cake mix  packet"

"Ok, Ready?

"Lets go full speed ahead then ".

I'm going to go and lay down. I could be sometime!


  1. Maybe they managed to make a nice cake for you without too much mess, but there again.......Kate x

  2. Well, the thought WAS a good one, you have to admit. In their imbecilic little heads, it was going to work. Then again, maybe they weren't planning a cake at all. Maybe they thought the cake mix would work as a lovely snow blizzard which is so festive this time of year. No? Not buying it? Sorry. Hugs, Darnell

  3. I really hope that they are baking a cake! Those darling elves could be up to anything!

  4. I think they missed the part of instructions that say "add the eggs and oil" and then mix. I hope there is some bourbon left from yesterday for you!

  5. Hope you can enjoy your cake tomorrow....
    xxx Margreet

  6. Ha ha I can just envisage flour everywhere from these cheeky elves.
    Julie x

  7. Oh, my!!! This cake-mix surely is already flying all around...poor your kitchen! I think that Darnell has said right: perhaps they wanted some lovely snow blizzard, not a cake!!

  8. Well maybe the worst will not happen!!!!! sorry but somehow I doubt it.

    Kath x

  9. Maybe it tastes OK, but I dread to think of the mess that they've made.

    Sue xx

  10. Hi Mrs A, you've been cracking me up with these posts, but this one really takes the cake... (no pun intended) those pesky little elves were going to make a right mess with that lot and undoubtedly leave the mess for someone else! Maybe they need to be sent back to the pole for some more elfish lessons... have a great week... Megan

  11. Because I have been away, today is the first time that I am reading about your elve and I love it! You have been blessed with lots of fantasy!!
    Lia xx

  12. I hope you showed them where the mop and bucket are!


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