Saturday, December 10, 2016

Look I got a 10!

Before I had a chance to send my email off to Santa I received a letter in the post from the North Pole.

This is an extract from it.

By now you will have had an apprentice Elf living with you for just over a week. We at Santa's
'Elf Academy ' take great pains to make sure that All of our Elves have been trained to very exacting standards.
Can you please take just 5mins of your valuable time to  access your Trainee Elf (namely L'th) who has been stringently learning The Ropes with Elf Boss in attendance. Please fill out the enclosed Progress chart  marking  all boxes with a rating of 1-10.  ( n.b. We expect some of the boxes  to have a low rating).
All our elves have  to attain good scores in all categories before they are allowed out on their own.

Chief Elf Trainer.


  1. Yep - definitely a 10 for Naughtiness! I think you might be a bit generous with that 1 though!

  2. I think L'th's got a way to go yet, perhaps next year lol, Kate x

  3. Totally agree with your x

  4. Be the very BEST you can possibly be. Congratulations L'th for being the best iin Naughty!

  5. Oh, such a stunning report for the Chief Elf Trainer! There aren't low ratings, but a lot of NULL ratings! However he as catch a good strike for naughtiness LOL
    I think that L'th needs another chance... :D

  6. mistakes...I wanted say "Got" instead of "as catch" :(

  7. Love that look on his face, 10 for cute too I would say.
    Look at it this way, things can only improve.

    Kath x

  8. Hi Mrs A,
    oh dear it looks like the naughty step is looming.
    Still L'th thinks he has done so well who could tell him that's not a great score with that proud look on his face seeing the ten.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. The elves are such fun - good to have something cheery on a dull day

  10. So fun Mrs A, L'th is so cute, enjoy the weekend.

    Love and hugs

  11. Ha Ha Ha, it seem like L'th has a bit of a way to go yet in achieving those high scores, still it's early days.

    Sue xx

  12. This made me chuckle, more time to improve he he he
    Kevin xx

  13. Little L'th looks very pleased with his score, I suspect more naughtiness is brewing...

  14. Oh, dear, looks like L'th will be sent back a year for more training, and rightly so if he doesn't straighten up and fly right! Matter of fact, after that last business with the bird seed, I'm surprised he didn't get a Zero for truthfulness!! Hugs, Darnell


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