Sunday, December 04, 2016

Miss heard !

So my question this morning was "Has anyone seen those pesky  Elves today?"

The Doc yelled back from the kitchen .
"Yes. There in the lounge playing a game of  rolling the Mice."

"Ok". I said  "but don't you mean rolling the Dice?




So now I have 1 traumatised cat and 2 traumatised mice and it's only day 4!!!!!!!!



Margreet said...

1 traumatised cat, 2 traumatised mice and 2 naughty elves....that will be a difficult time for you both till the end of the year!
Love those mice by the way...
xxx Margreet

Veerle said...

LOL so funny ValeryAnne.
Hugs Veerle x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Ah ah ah!! :D Fun game, but poor mice, they seem not happy to roll!
P.S. ...No disclaimer for them as for the cat? LOL

Margo said...

Those Pesky Elves .... :)

Jenny L said...

Hi Mrs A,
well what have they been up to now.
I can see they are in to all kinds of mischef no one is safe when they are about.
Poor mice they couldn't have known what they were in for with tose naughty elves.
I think the newest younger one is leading the older one astray.
Button down the hatches for tonight.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Aquarius said...

Naughty, naughty elves whatever next??

Sandra H said...

Lol Aww them mice won't have an easy time with the elves l feel for them xx

cuilliesocks said...

Oooo they are such naughty elves, life won't be dull with them around, Kate x

AlisonC said...

Perhaps the meeces enjoyed the game? Though L'th does have a wicked glint in his eye.

Kathleen said...

Ah well, look on the bright side at least they are helping to get rid of the mice, bet the cat is well miffed though, in fact you should get rid of the cat as it is obviously not doing it's job.

Kath x

Di said...

Oops! Sniggering at Kath's comment here!


Di xx

Pamellia said...

Oh my gosh, these are just adorable!!

Darnell said...

I don't know, Anne, those mice look like they don't mind one bit! And just look how they dressed up for the rolling party and everything! Now the cat, on the other hand ... ! Hugs, Darnell

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Hee hee! But I agree with Darnell, those mice look like they are having lots of fun. We went to a little kids party at a gymnastics place. Most of the adults stayed off the fun floor but hubby and I had to go try things out. They had this donut shaped thing and hubby told a kid to get inside and then rolled him around the floor. Then the next kid wanted it... and the next... and the next.

Unknown said...

Haha now that looks like fun!!
Lucy x

Kim said...

Life does sound like a lot of fun at your house! Love those sweet little mice.