Monday, December 12, 2016


The Doc is a way for a few days now so it's just me and those pesky Elves here. The Doc did take the precaution though of marking the level up on his precious bottle of  Elijah Craig  Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey before he left.

So that's safe then!!

Fast forward a few hrs  to last night  and this is the conversation I overheard coming from the kitchen.

"Are you sure this is going to work little L'th?"
"Yes I'm positive". "It will be a piece of cake"
"Well you said that yesterday!"
"Look. Just you keep watching this tea bag I'm dunking and tell me when the liquid is the same colour as The Doc's Bourbon." 

"As soon as it's ready we can siphon off the bourbon and drink it and then replace with this tea solution. Bob's your Uncle job done."

"Well if your sure?"
"Yes I'm sure. All The Doc will do is check the level is the same and even if he takes the top off , the bottle will still smell of the bourbon. If he does decide to have a drink we will be long gone back up North cos he said he was keeping it till Christmas evening."

Disclaimer: That's it.  I'm cancelling Christmas next year. 


  1. Oh no!! This pair of rascals are serious trouble, I hope you managed to stop them in time. That's all you need two P....ed Elves, Kate x

  2. Oh..... I can't believe this!! :O ...Such a cheat little elf!!!
    I think you must make to disappear the Doc's bottle before that they get drunk!!

  3. I can barely imagine the mayhem drunken elves could cause...

  4. I dread to think what they will get up to if they manage to drink all of that Whiskey!!!

    Sue xx

  5. Hi Mrs A,
    oh you are in for it tonight as those pesky Elves will be up to even more antics now they have the golden liqueur in their veins.
    Poor Doc I do hope Santa takes pity on him and brings hime some more for Christmas.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. hee hee - that reminds me of a couple of friends who were going to race to the top of the local hill and the winner would get a bottle of macallan - one friend couldn't get up in the morning for the race so the other friend said they had won by default - when the 'whisky' was received it turned out to be cold tea in a bottle! Haha such fun xx

  7. Very crafty elves, not at card making either. Think you need to buy another bottle. At least if they have an hangover it may keep them quiet tomorrow.

    Kath x

  8. Oooh no those checky elves have it all sorted wouldn't want to be in their shoes when the Doc checks the level......ha ha ha xx

  9. I see no good coming of this at all. I think you need to get a little tipsy in order to deal with them!

  10. Hasn't The Doc realised that the only safe thing for his alcohol is for it to be locked away and him have the only key for it! Don't make the mistake of thinking that they are quiet because they are hungover - I'm sure they will still manage to find some trouble to get into!! What will tomorrow bring I wonder?

  11. What will they think of next?? Hope there is a hangover cure at the ready

  12. Lock the bottle away, now, while you can! Then swallow the key :)


    Di xx

  13. I think L'th is a very clever and inventive elf...but Boss had to stop him, as being the oldest and wisest!!
    xxx Margreet

  14. I hope The Doc has put another bottle on his list to Santa this year!!!! oh and hope he's on the "good" list too. xx

  15. They are industrious, I'll give them that! Now if you could only harness that creative genius in ways that are beneficial to mankind, wow, then what a lovely Christmas it would be for all! I am glad you caught them in time for The Doc's sake (and, hence, yours!). The last thing you need is everyone pi**ed in different ways!! Hugs, Darnell


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