Friday, December 16, 2016

Missing and Found!

What a day I have just had. I woke up this morning pretty sure that a piece of one of my back teeth had broken off exposing the inside of the tooth leaving a rough edge.
Then I found that one of my anklet chains had fallen off and as I hadn't been outside since when I last knew I was wearing it had to be in the house somewhere. The Doc and I scoured everywhere for it and I eventually found it on the craft room floor.

The reason it came off is because the link chain is broken. Not worth the repair cost  so will be relegated to the snippets box for future craft use. 
Now you would think that if I can find something this small on the floor I can find anything!! Well not so my glue gun that has inexplicably gone missing and is not where I normally keep it. No time for looking for it now as I need to get to the Dentist asap. 


Much laters. 
Just gotten home from the dentist where I had indeed lost a piece of my tooth. The good news is that my Dentist did a repair job for me there and then and I now have a new resin inlay covering the said tooth. So to be on the safe side The Doc suggested we had a light tea tonight and suggested boiled eggs with cheese sauce. Good idea  (Famous last words).  As I knew there were 4 eggs left in the fridge I went into the kitchen to put the egg boiler on.  Opened the fridge and found .............

"Little L'th ?"
"Have you used 2 more eggs up?"


"Not eggactly!!!!!"

"What have you got behind your backs then ?"


"Little L'th"
"Just you give me back my glue gun this minute and then you can go and explain in detail to The Doc why he is having Scrambled  Eggs for his tea!!!"


  1. oh thy are naughty Valery! Thanks for your lovely christmas card that came today! Big hugs rachel x

  2. OH dear! It could have been worse - they could have broken something valuable! I had a similar thing happen to my tooth but it took a while to get mine fixed. Glad now that it is though. It wasn't sore but I kept catching my tongue on it which wasn't at all fun. Hope you got the glue gun back from those naughty elves! Never know what they might do with it next

  3. Oops scrambled glue for tea. They really are always up to something, I don't know how you dare to go out! I sympathise about your tooth. Mine are falling apart and cause great trouble and expense. x

  4. What a day you've had again! I'm glad at least it was only eggs they glued! Hey, you could have saved a ton of money if you'd just had L'th glue a cap over your tooth! The way you are so good about saving everything (sorry about your ankle bracelet!), I'll bet you have something in your whatzit box that would have worked! Please now, Anne, have a lie down. Hugs, Darnell

  5. I am so sorry your tooth broke and had to be repaired. You, though, have me laughing out loud with L'th's hysterics. Merry Christmas Dear...

  6. Such a day for you!! :( Sorry for your bracelet, the tooth and the eggs, too! ... But the faces of both the Elves are too much fun!!! I laught a lot..! :D

  7. Smiley face reading your post - (apart from the bit about the tooth - OUCH!) x

  8. Broken tooth, broken eggs, know two little elves that could be getting two broken arms if they are not careful.

    Kath x

  9. Mrs A I have put my same wreath on the door for at least 10 years and touch wood it has been fine, although I would be gutted if it disappeared. The joys of living far north and not in London, I think. Long may it last.
    Sorry to here about your jewellery but at least you found it. As for those naughty elves, fancy nicking your eggs. :O

    Have a super weekend, hugs Erika. x

  10. Really good you got you tooth fixed so quickly, shame about your bracelet though, it looks very delicate.
    What a pair of rascals, you couldn't keep up with them, Kate x

  11. Great post Mrs A, you seem to be having a time of it!
    Sorry I've not been around lately - just keep running out of time!
    Avril xx

  12. Quite a story Mrs glad the dentist could fix it rightaway...shame about your anklet, but great you reuse it for your scraps!
    Sorry, but I laughed loudly, seeing both elf's faces and what they hided behind them...your December month is not boring!!
    xxx Margreet

  13. Since the elves have the glue gun maybe they could glue your ankle chain back together! They are rascals. I can't wait to see how you will recycle the chain. I'm so glad you were able to get your tooth repaired right away.

  14. Funny, great news that you could have your tooth worked on straight away.

  15. Oooh dear!! but fab news about your tooth all done and dusted as they say! not looking good for the troublesome two!! l'd take the glue and glue them together that way you could keep an eye on them xx


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