Monday, May 31, 2010

Pretty Pocket Swap.

This is the pretty pocket swap that I have sent to Sherry.
Sherry told me that she liked the colours Purple/lilac/cream and muted tones of any other colour Also that she liked vintage,shabby chic styles , anything romantic stiched or hand made
and lace-ribbons-buttons-pearls-beads-trimmings. So armed with this information I chose purple/lilac as the theme and handmade and vintage for the contents. I found some lovely cream/pearl vintage buttons and a lovely vintage button hook on ebay and waited with baited breath as the bids went in. As you can see I won them.!!!
The material I sourced from a firm that specialised in cutting the material as a thin qtr so got the pattern going the right way down the pockets.

Then I made a little padded box in the pocket material for the button hook and a heart shaped pomander that I scented with a floral perfume. A cream/lilac pin cushion and a shabby chic crochet brooch. I added ribbons and vintage lace and other assorted items in the theme colours.

Faye acted as my mojo and I bounced ideas on several e-mails to get the look right so much so that Faye wants one too. I forgot that lilace /yellow are her favourite colours. Der!
I really enjoyed and had fun doing this swap.

Caption Winners!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for entering my little challenge.
The winner/s are:

Jo in Tas with her caption:
Blue Boy"Hey Sundance sit still, we're trying to fool Mum into thinking we're ornaments!"

Margreet with her caption:
Bandit is thinking anything going on above my head......I don't think so!.

A little prezzie will be winging its way to you both shortly in your chosen colours.

Thankyou all also for the kind birthday wishes. I had a super time in Italy and the Doc and I did manage to get home sober despite BA. and the dust clouds.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Caption needed! NOW CLOSED.

Can you come up with a caption to fit this picture? There will be a little prezzie in it for the one/s that I like the most. You can enter as many times as you like, you just need to be a follower and leave your caption on this post and also let me know your favourite colour. I will leave this open till next Sunday (30th May.). If it helps Malibu is sitting at the top then Sundance , then Blue Boy with Bandit at the bottom.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On the go

I have several projects on the go at the moment. I have entered the pretty pockets swop which ends on 31st May. I have my swop partner and have already finished and sent Sherry her pretty pockets but can't show you the results just yet. The altered tablecloth is also on going and is still a secret.

Iv'e joined a needleturn class which is being run by Cath in Oz. The 1st months project is this applique picture. The idea is that we do one each month and at the end of the year we have enough squares for a quilt. I will probably make mine into individual items. We have all been given the basic pattern and gone off to chose our own colours. Meet Sukie, she is going to be a tote bag. The next stage in the class is to learn how to paint the face and do the hair so keep watching.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Real or not!

These are a commission that I have just completed. If they smell like chocklit they must be real musn't they?

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Nan's Box

Remember Faye won the 1st competition to have a piece of the 40yr old silk made into an embroidered box. Well this was her choice of the fabrics and here is the finished box.
As this fabric was the one that Faye said reminded her of Nan the most this became a very special project to complete. I have remade the box twice!! (1st because I thought it too big and 2nd it just looked wrong). Faye has the box now and says she knows just what to put in it.
(I have an inkling lets see if I'm right so over to you Faye.)

There are still 4 pieces of silk left so keep watching for a chance to win one and an embroidered box made with it.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Indulge Yourself

I have just been finishing off some choklit commissions but got a bit hungry so decided to make a choklit cake!!!!! I wonder how many calaries are in this slice.