Monday, May 31, 2010

Pretty Pocket Swap.

This is the pretty pocket swap that I have sent to Sherry.
Sherry told me that she liked the colours Purple/lilac/cream and muted tones of any other colour Also that she liked vintage,shabby chic styles , anything romantic stiched or hand made
and lace-ribbons-buttons-pearls-beads-trimmings. So armed with this information I chose purple/lilac as the theme and handmade and vintage for the contents. I found some lovely cream/pearl vintage buttons and a lovely vintage button hook on ebay and waited with baited breath as the bids went in. As you can see I won them.!!!
The material I sourced from a firm that specialised in cutting the material as a thin qtr so got the pattern going the right way down the pockets.

Then I made a little padded box in the pocket material for the button hook and a heart shaped pomander that I scented with a floral perfume. A cream/lilac pin cushion and a shabby chic crochet brooch. I added ribbons and vintage lace and other assorted items in the theme colours.

Faye acted as my mojo and I bounced ideas on several e-mails to get the look right so much so that Faye wants one too. I forgot that lilace /yellow are her favourite colours. Der!
I really enjoyed and had fun doing this swap.


Terry Oulboub said...

Mrs. A., this is an incredibly beautiful pocket thingy! I've not seen these in fabric and hand made in eons! I love your projects! It makes me want to start back sewing and I get so tempted when I'm in a fabric shop...if I had more room; one day, perhaps. This is a lovely color combination and the fabric is gorgeous - love how you set the pockets up to showcase the beautiful designs of the fabric and the goodies inside - WOW! Your partner is going to be overjoyed, I'm sure! So glad you had a great time in Italy for your birthday. You really are an inspiration, Mrs. A!!

Sherry said...

I was indeed overjoyed!!!! The pockets are not only pretty, but beautiful and so well made and the fabric is divine. The hand stitched items are exquisite - I was very lucky getting you as my swap partner Mrs A. (Hope you'll feel the same when you receive mine!)

Faye said...

I think this is totally beautiful. Want it! ;)

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Hello! I'd love to have your join the Paris swap! I received your comment on my blog, but didn't get an email with your info ~ would you mind re-sending it? Thank you!! :)