Monday, May 31, 2010

Caption Winners!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for entering my little challenge.
The winner/s are:

Jo in Tas with her caption:
Blue Boy"Hey Sundance sit still, we're trying to fool Mum into thinking we're ornaments!"

Margreet with her caption:
Bandit is thinking anything going on above my head......I don't think so!.

A little prezzie will be winging its way to you both shortly in your chosen colours.

Thankyou all also for the kind birthday wishes. I had a super time in Italy and the Doc and I did manage to get home sober despite BA. and the dust clouds.


Margreet said...

wow....thanks for choosing's so hard to make jokes in English......glad to hear you managed to come back from Italy without and my mother were 3x bothered by dust clouds!
xxx Margreet

Do What You Love said...

Congratulations ladies - those were fun! Mrs. A, glad you had a great birthday in Italy - how delightful to celebrate such a wonderful day in a beautiful place! :-)

Jo in TAS said...

Thank-you Valerie! How lucky to visit Italy for your birthday, one day I hope to go there too!