Sunday, May 23, 2010

Caption needed! NOW CLOSED.

Can you come up with a caption to fit this picture? There will be a little prezzie in it for the one/s that I like the most. You can enter as many times as you like, you just need to be a follower and leave your caption on this post and also let me know your favourite colour. I will leave this open till next Sunday (30th May.). If it helps Malibu is sitting at the top then Sundance , then Blue Boy with Bandit at the bottom.


  1. Happy Birthday Mum! (That's not my caption!)

  2. Blue Boy: "Hey Sundance, sit still, we're trying to fool Mum into thinking we're ornaments!"

    P.S. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Bandit is thinking: anything going on above my head....I don't think so!

    Dear Mrs. A: I can't make jokes in English, but I do can say: Happy Birthday! My favourite colour is blue.

    Have a nice day and enjoy!!!
    xxx Margreet

  4. LOL @ Jo's caption! :D

    Happy Birthday!! hope you're enjoying yourself and are being spoilt rotten! ;) xx

  5. Oh, Mrs. A, it's your birthday - well, Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a real groovy time and that the little ones are behaving themselves! HHAHAHAHA Let's see...this photo...I'm not good with captions...
    Malibu: Just look at 'em fighting to get to the top!
    Sundance: Oh no you're not getting up here - scat cat!
    Blue Boy: You'll see - I'll be doggone if I'm perched near the bottom!
    Bandit: (yawning) They'll all scratch each other's eyes out and it'll be me at the top!

    My favorite color is blue. :-)

  6. Can't believe I missed this lol..hope you had a lovely bday...


    'Come on kids we need to keep Malibu safe.. I heard mum say she was gonna drink him tonight...!!'


  7. Oh my fave colour...hmm..pinky/purple


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