Monday, June 28, 2010

Oranges & Lemons

Bagpuss and I both have the same problem at the moment. Namely Cystitis!
With Baggpuss it is an ongoing complaint and with me every 3rd or 4th attack is a bad one so Friday saw the Doc at the vets picking up a repeat perscription and me at the doctors getting a course of stronger pills .
When I was dispensing them back home I saw a potential hazzard. Spot the difference.

Baggpuss Pills

My Pills!

I don't think I will let the Doc dish any out just in case he is colour blind.


  1. Yes that could be a problem. And we don't need to know what you get if you mix orange and yellow together either!! xxx

  2. oh my gosh lol...better not leave them lying about lol xx

  3. Oh poor you and puss, I had the same problem myself a couple of weeks back. No fun :-( Hope you are both feeling better soon. Wonder if you would grow fur and start purring if there was a mix up with the tablets.....?
    Linds xx


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