Monday, December 20, 2010

Countdown Day 20

This little beauty was crafted by Nancy P. of sewing. The attention to detail is second to none.
It depicts a house in the woods with a sleigh and reindeer flying over the top which are in 3d.
Its fantastic Nancy. Thankyou.

My box No .20 ismade from anold gold christmas card and embelished with a reindeer on the front.

Inside is a rather large (I had to stuff him inside) fury Rudolph that Ihad in my which I crafted into a badge.

I'm really pleased that this one has gone to my very god blogging friend Sherry of sherrys simple blog.


manda said...

They are both beautiful! I love matchboxes!

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Mrs. A. I love both of these, what wonderful little treasures they are to keep. Happy crafting.
With lots of love, Sandra xxx

Sherry said...

I love Nancy's box and the lovely sentiment too.

I nearly lost Rudolph today - my niece and nephew visited and were very interested in seeing all the boxes and Chloe decided your Rudolph was her favourite! I can report though, he's safe and sound back in his box awaiting Christmas day!

Faye said...

I bet Sherry loves it too. xxx