Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coundown Day 11

Todays box is this stunning creation by Shannon of quiltinginpinks.
Inside is this rather stylish book mark made fron a little blue bell and a trinket spelling out Hope. What a lovely idea. I have just bought a book on the English Civil War as my christmas read over the holidays so this will be excellent for marking my page. Thankyou Shannon.

My box no.11 was one of my early makes using old christmas cards (I tended to make them up out of sequence That way I was fooled imnto thinking there were not so many of them!!)

The card had a front door on it that just hapened to fit the size of the matchbox. Perfect! , and of course what else could I place inside but a christmas wreath tree hanging.

Still playing with my flower punches so a little white christmas rose for the back of the box.
Now where has this little front door ended up I wonder. Hmm.


  1. A little light reading for you over Christmas then!! The only reading I'll be doing if any is the Prima magazine - lol. Such a pretty box and bookmark.

    Your one is fabulous - love the little wreath. Good luck in your search for your front door (now I understand what your comment on my blog meant!)

    (I saw your art 'n' soul matchbox on Flickr - I used an oversized one too - in this case I don't think size matters!!)

  2. I love the blues on today's box, and what a cute bookmark. Your box is really exquisite with vintage Christmas card detail and sweet lil' wreath.

  3. That's a pretty colour for the bell and bookmark - how delicate. Like Sherry says, glad to see you've got a little light reading ready (although I can talk as I'll probably be heading for something historic myself). The front door is really cute, and I like the Christmas rose on the back.

  4. these are are so clever Mrs must take you ages to make all your fab little projects.


  5. I really like this Christmas wreath, it's lovely. xxx

  6. I haven't seen your wonderful front door anywhere, but I do so love the colors of Shannon's matchbox!

  7. I love the little door one you did and the wreath was a marvellous match for it!


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