Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Workdesk Wednesday 79.

Well this is my desk about 5 mins ago. I have cleared the decks (to the floor) to start a spot of painting. Can't see very clearly in the photo but on the tall glass I have outlined a design of Poinsettia and trailing leaves which now need to be filled in. The smaller glass is one I practiced on. Hopefully I will have it finished in time for a christmas table display. If you want to see what other people are up to then pop over to Julia's blog here.

To see the culprit of lasts weeks desk you can click here. So far the ransom has not been paid so he is still in custody!


  1. It looks fabulous, what a fun project, please show us the result next week.
    I tend to clean the desk to the floor too :)

    Maarit #34

  2. The glasses are truly works of art. You have got a good selection of glass paints. They must be wonderful to work with.
    Have a lovely day
    Sue xx

  3. Sounds like fun - I have never done any glass painting.

  4. How cute are all those little boxes? Very!

    Heehee, what if there is no space on the floor?

    liz x

  5. What a lovely idea - painting wine glasses!

  6. You do turn your hand to all sorts of things, don't you - definitely the multi-talented Mrs A. Love to see all the different things you make. And those advent matchboxes keep making me feel all festive. Della and Bert send their best wishes!

    Bernie #81

  7. Mrs. A., you're really an incredible crafter; there is nothing that you cannot create - it's just fabulous seeing all the wonderful things you creative with such variety! I love seeing the matchboxes; those you've received and those you've created - incredibly wonderful! :-)

  8. Hi, I am not sure of dates. I need to go back and investigate. I was so taken with the vision of the unexpected church, I forgot to look. Don't worry I shall report back to you!!
    Thanks for your interest.

    Lovely work, I already said that.
    Best wishes
    sue xx 70

  9. I am new to this workdesk party but everywhere I go I hear about your kindness and creativity. I will have to browse round a bit more. Todays post is beautiful and those drawers in the background intriguing.

  10. When you said a spot of painting, I thought you meant house decorating! Believe it or not, we started painting our hallway last weekend, just got the stairwell and one wall left - but there's so many other things getting in the way!

    I remember your other glass painting, it was beautiful, so can't wait to see your finished glass this time around.

    Your little drawer unit in the background looks lovely - very vintage chic (if that's the right expression!)

  11. Hi Valerie , love the glasses ! after my day today my glass was decorated with red wine !!
    Love to see your tote when you finish it
    Anne xxx

  12. Does the Doc know you've been nicking his glasses yet?!
    I offered up the ransom!!

  13. Came here via 'the fish' Mrs A - beautiful work, and the glass, I'm sure, will be stunning too,

    fab work,


  14. Gorgeous project! Thanks for sharing and the peek. I can't be trusted around

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  15. They look fab. I used to do a lot of glass painting but haven't done any for a while....maybe I should have another go? Only prob is I dont have time to do all the other things I'm doing at the mo. :-)
    A x

  16. Hi Mrs. A! Painting on glass is hard to do! I admire that you can do so. Thanks for stopping by my desk. Happy Belated WOYWW! #11

  17. What a great project, but rather you than me, I don't think my hands are steady enough for that!
    Chrissie #7

  18. Oh great ideas, you have very steady hands then. And patience. I think Mr Tractor man may have to stay indefinitely in custody, to cute to pay for!

  19. Too cute to pay for - I meant 'too cute' of course, but neve mind that, I also meant who wouldn't want to pay his ransom...although every time I see a choicklit bar, I have to eat it, so it may be a while...


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