Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Countdown Day 14

Todays box comes from Denise of denisemarie-christmas.
I don't think you could cram anymore goodies onto this box if you tried!! There are 2 snowflakes, a heart shaped snowflake no.14, round snowman cutout, snowbear rubber and a wooden snowman decoration as the box hanging. Inside was a father christmas tree dangly. Thankyou
Denise. I love all the suprises on it.

Here is my box for today. Made from red and green craft paper and decorated with a poinsettia
sticker. Inside the box an old christmas card picture.

I made the christmas brooch from an old silver button, felt and gold and red beads. (I wouldn't have minded this one coming back to me!!) I hope you like partner.


Sunset97 said...

hey, Mrs. A.!

how are you? it's been awhile since I've visited your blog last...all of the matchboxes that you have received and the ones you have done are just wonderful!!

btw, thank you for your suggestions that you left awhile back regarding where some of my past matchboxes might be... i didn't find the matchboxes that i was looking for at those places...and one of the blogs does have a future matchbox but i already knew about that one at the time...but i do appreciate you trying to help me....

i haven't been able to blog hop much this past week so i have around 6 or 7 i need to locate...:)

hope you have a wonderful day and try to keep warm....!!


Sherry said...

All those little pressies in one little box! Love your poinsettia one!

Faye said...

That is a lot of stash in a box! I think yours is pretty, the hanging and the box. Hope you're feeling better. xxx