Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Countdown Day 8

Up to day 8 already. This box is from Sandi of MusingsofSamiam. Cannot thank personally so if you are reading this please play along Sandi as you are missing all the fun.
Box has an image of a snowman and child with the sweet words Pals which just says it all. Inside a gorgeous pair of snowman earings. Thanks Sandi.

My box no. 8 is made from an old christmas card and a stocking cut out embellishment. I love the cute bears and couldn't resist popping inside base of box.

I made a small beaded felt stocking tree hanging inside to continue the theme of 'What you see is what you get!)
Because of the translantic time differences I'm still searching for my no. 7 box. Hope I can track down later on today. Have fun opening all todays boxes girls.


Faye said...

My stocking is bigger than this cutie! ;) xxx

Vanessa said...

Oh Valery! I hope you did not think I was calling you a hoarder! I would be the last one to call the kettle black! believe me. I save a lot of stuff. I hear you on the atlas too, my husband is an over the road trucker, and buys a new Rand McMaley every year. I have about eight