Thursday, December 16, 2010

Countdown Day 16

Here is the next box opened up. I had real difficulty in getting a good photo today as the light is very bad. We are having a Hail stone Storm at the moment.
This is from Carol of heirloomsforyou. I'm doing really well for charms. This one is made from
pink and pearl beads with a star shaped green bead in the centre. Really pretty and again will be made into a necklace after the holidays. Thank you Carol, you can never go wrong sending me something pink!

This is my box no 16. A christmas card used to decorate the front and inside of the box. Father christmas is carrying his sack so what else but to attach some tiny parcles to the front.

Q.Now what do parcels always need?

A. Name tags .

So I put a selection inside the box cut out of craft card and old christmas cards. I know who has this box as I spied it on Lizzies blog when she did a group photo of her received boxes. Hope you enjoy Lizzie.


Sherry said...

Pink! It must have been made especially for you! Love your gift tags in your own box - really thoughtful as are all your boxes.

Hope your hail storm ended quickly, we've got the forecasted snow now!

Faye said...

Gift tags! Yes I need those. Went to the shop to buy some and came back with mulled wine... Oops!

Do What You Love said...

Mrs. A., how brilliant these matchboxes are and the wonderful goodies inside - it's just lovely to watch each day's treat - you all did such a wonderful job and you came up with fantastic ideas for gifts to put inside - love the cute little ducky! You're such a fabulous woman!