Saturday, December 04, 2010

Countdown Day 4

Todays box is from Bonnie of Bonnie Lassie and is all the way from Oregan. The box features a 1935 christmas scene which is really cute and is covered in music paper written in German I think so possibly a carol. Inside was a darling snowflake tree hanging.

My box 4 theme was christmas trees. I made the box from christmas craft paper and a tree embelishment .

And popped a handmade christmas tree badge inside. Made from a silver button, pom pom. felt and an old earing.Hope the recipient enjoys. I had such fun making it.

Showing the back of the box trying out a different flower pounch.


  1. How lovely, another stitched item Mrs A. Love your matchbox too.

    I've been keeping an eye out for your number 1 gingerbread man on my blog travels, but think you may be right, someone's eaten him!

  2. That's a really sweet image on the front of today's matchbox, and I love the stitched snowflake ornament. I admire anyone who has the talent and patience to hand embroider anything. The box you made is lovely. Sherry made me crack up about your gingerbread man being eaten. ;-) Thank you for the flattering comment you left on Linda's blog about hoping to get one of my really made my day! Hope you day is great.

  3. What a beautiful matchbox and treasure you received for day 4. Love the box you made for day 4 too. The badge is great. I am still searching to see who received my number 4. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

  4. I just love looking at all the different Ideas everyone came up with! thanks for sharing!

  5. Fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration! :)


  6. Bonnie’s little snowflakes are so precious. And your green box is repay Christmasy. Happy Holiday...Genie

  7. i'm just now looking at all of the matchboxes you have received and they are all very lovely....i just noticed that on your #3 matchbox that you have a gingerbread man on your mouse..., i was just thinking they were all the same...coz mine has a star that it is cool...!! :)

    have a great tomorrow...


  8. Oh my goodness! Such a sweet way to showcase all those beautiful little matchboxes. I sure can learn from you. :) Great photography and thanks for sharing. Thanks to Christine Edwards. I love sewing, so making those little snowflakes was a natural choice for all the matchboxes I made. Merry Christmas! So happy you like your matchbox and love your green #4 too.

  9. I really like your box 4, the green colour scheme you've carried through is fab, bet the Doc loved it too! xxx


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