Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lollipop Lodge Christmas Special

Here is Fluffs last virtual box. I had such fun making the 'Gingerbread' house for the Art'n'Soul swap that I decided to make one more slightly bigger version 'Lollipop Lodge'.

What else could go inside but lollipops!!!!!!!!!!!


Margreet said...

Amazing what I've seen here this month...this creation is again fabulous...Faye must be very proud on you...I wish you and those you love a wonderful Christmas!
x-mas-xxx Margreet

Sunset97 said...

just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

did you find all of your matchboxes?? i think i have about 12 or so that i haven't found, but i also haven't been blog hopping that much since the first week of the countdown...
i can't believe it is already over....

i can't wait to find out the details about linda's new swap.... :)

Merry Christmas!! Have a wonderful day! :)


Faye said...

This box is A.Maziiiiing! And the lollipops look yummy. I can almost taste them. Your talent and imagination are outstanding, I'm so proud of you. Thank you very much for all my boxes, I love them. xxx

Maureen said...

Another beautiful box Valery!!

Sherry said...

It's gorgeous, I love the appliqued effect. No wonder Faye is so proud of you!

I'm glad you liked your present & hope you're both feeling better now. I think I must be about the only person not to have caught it!

Happy New Year xx

Do What You Love said...

Mrs. A., it is always so wonderful to stop by and see the wonderful creations you've made. Faye is so lucky - what treasures to adore! I really am inspired when I stop by and see these exquisite crafts. You are an amazing woman! I am so every grateful that I happened upon Faye's blog and that you decided to create one too! I really have enjoyed it and I look forward to more of in the coming year. I hope you and your beautiful family had a lovely Christmas! Hugs, ~Terry

noodleBubble said...


Happy Christmas! Heart Swap Update - Am just tying up Blogs to emails etc and saw your comment that you'd emailed your address...I can't see it so can you resend- Sorry Sweetie!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes.

Email to send to -

Have a Happy & Creative New Year X

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Another Awesome box!!
I adore Lollipop lodge!!

Jan x