Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whats my name?

There was just time for a quick photo shoot before this little girl had to dash off to the post office. She is now well on her way to her new home. I have had to cover part of her name up so as not to give the game away but who do we know who likes blue? Hmm!


  1. Oh my, how sweet is this little lovely doll! You know I've been scouring the fabric books for doll patterns and can't find one that I like to make. This little one is lovely with the cute frock - love that material! I bet it's for Sally since the middle name is Anne; lucky Sally! Do you embroider the eyes too? That's too cool. Your dolls are always the best, Mrs. A.!

  2. she's too cute Mrs. A.......fantastic project....compliments!
    xxx Margreet

  3. Oh what a sweetie pie of a doll! Love her dress. She'll be adored whoever she's for!

  4. She's lovely!! your packet is on its way!!!


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