Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Countdown Day 15

Gosh were on box 15 already. Soon be Christmas!!
This one is by Lauri of and contains not one but two gifts. A large paper clip used as the box hanging (very useful) and a gorgeous handmade pink (have I told you all how I just love pink!) glass bead angel. I can already visulise this made up into a pendant so watch this space.

My box no.15 is again an old christmas card cut up and used to decorate the box made from cream and green craft paper. I love this image but was then stuck for the contents. I mulled over enclosing a duck orientated recipe (but being a veggie myself couldn't quite do it!) so I settled in the end for making 'Mr Duck' from white fur fabric and some trimmings.

Here he is again with me having fun with my flower punches on the back of the box Hope he brightens up your tree partner.


Sunset97 said...

i really like your #15 matchbox with the nifty paper clip and the beautiful pink glass bead angel....

i LuV Mr. DucK!!!! he is simply adorable...!!! :)

have a great day!


Sherry said...

Lovely gifts for you today .... but .... your duck is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I wonder who the lucky person was who received it?

Angela said...

Awww you're ducky is so cute! I can't belive you just whipped it up like that!! December is going sooooo fast!!

oneoff said...

Lovely boxes to both give and receive. Mr Duck is just soooo cool!


Faye said...

This little ducky is soooooo cute! xxx