Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Midnight Hour!

Monday 30th November  @  11.55pm

Alls Quiet..

Everythings in place.

 November 30th @ 11.58pm.

Did you hear a noise outside?

Erm, you did remember to Lock the Cat Flap
in the back door didn't you!!!

30th November @ 11.59pm

Tuesday December 1st @ 00.01am

Cooeee I'm Home!!

Everything used to make the suitcase was a snippet.
Faux Leather made from  piece of kraft card.


Carol said...

Oh hecky peck...told you it wouldn't work lol. Looking forward to some mayhem and madness :) Carol x

Karen said...

That is awesome! Want and need a tutorial please Karen x

Suze said...

Love that the elf is back.....looking forward to seeing what mayhem he gets up to. Mine is just learning compared to yours!!!

Margo said...

This is just tooooooo cute !!!!!!!

brenda said...

Great post, really brought a smile to my face on a dull Tuesday morning, thank you.

B x

Kathleen said...


Kath x

Viv said...

You are stark raving mad you know that don't you? The cat flap pic is bonkers!!!
But he IS a rather well travelled elf judging by all the stickers on his suitcase... although it doesn't look a big enough case for lots of presents for me..maybe big enough tho for one teeny baby (as Parsnip is refusing to be wrapped in swaddling clothes and we may need to entice him with some Gold - he has';t a clue what Frankincense and Myrrh are anyway - and neither have I) LOL

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Uh-oh! xx

Di said...

OMGosh! Too funny, I just knew he'd be back to create more mayhem! What fun though - I'll be watching closely :)

Love his little suitcase - have you checked the contents? I bet he's brought some contraband with him to liven things up!

Tee, hee :)


Di xx

Barb said...

Oo Oo! I knew you were tempting fate! Barbxx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Ah ah ah!!! You made me laught sooooo much!
Come in your house? He did it!! :D Fun post and love all your photos!! :D The flap cat is a genial idea! :D
His little suitcase is wonderful and... what is inside it??? Ummmm... I would see inside...

Brenda in IN said...

This just cracks me up and made me laugh out loud. Oh, how funny. Sneaking in the back door cat flap and that pic. of the cat looking at him is just the best. If he can do that, no telling what he will be up to next.

rachel said...

ha ha Valery - love this - the cat looks none too happy!!! Brilliant fun - hugs rachel xx

cuilliesocks said...

Sooo funny Valery, I love your Elf, and coming through the cat flap is hilarious, great photos, Kate x

Kathleen said...

Oh dear me, I have just seen your comment on Sam' s blog that practice for the Nativity play starts at 9 a.m. sharp, sorry but this Angel is a Devil at that time of the morning and rather than flying in with glad tidings of great Joy, I will be using a few choice words that would shame the Devil.
Any time after noon suites me.

Kath x

Sarn said...

Got a naughty elf visiting then eh?


Merry said...

Hi Mrs A, I have found the time to see what this elf has been up to. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Love it.