Friday, December 25, 2015

Reindeer and Sleigh

I spotted some Reindeer in Poundland the other month
and much to The Docs horror stopped in front of the counter
where they had been piled up.
The Doc was even more agast when I popped  a gold
one into my shopping basket. 
"Are you sure you really want that " he said
and "Where is it going to go ?" he added.

It's OK . I have a plan  I said.
The previous week I had bought a MDF Sleigh
from NEC and I was fairly sure he would fit just fine 
First things first though.
He needed a good scrub  as he was discarding 
glitter left, right and centre and I didn't dare bring him
into the house!
Then a  good coat of paint solved the problem.

The MDF sleigh came in pieces
which I decided to decoupage with
some paper also bought at the NEC.
I have done one side of each piece and left to dry
but forgot to take another photo before I assembled
the completed sleigh. Doh!
Once all dry
The pieces slotted together very easily.

My idea was to have as a table decoration 
and to be filled with flowers.

I used Adhesive glitter foam sheets for the roses
which I die cut using Spellbinders  'Rose Creations'.
I peeled the backing paper off and turned the die cuts over 
and made the flowers up backwards so that the sticky side was up.
A quick covering of matching glitter which stuck  (like glue)
and here they are.
Ivy leaves from the garden.

The Doc I'm relived to say likes it!!
Elf commandeered  the sleigh to get  home to the North  Pole
but sent it back again. on pixie dust.

Entering into the following challenges
Pixie's Crafty Workshop #208/209  Use up your snippets (odd piece of string for reins).


  1. Thought I recognised that sleigh! It looks great with the flowers in it - although I have to say it did look good when Elf Boss was in it!

  2. The Doc can step away from the medical supplies now then ;)

  3. The Doc can step away from the medical supplies now then ;)

  4. Wow! Great bought with this deer! And you have made a fabulous sleight for it!
    Merry Christmas to you and the Doc!

  5. Lovely creation Val and added beauties.I hope your CHRISTmas was happy..xx

  6. It's gorgeous, and don't you have the artistic eye to see just what you could recreate with the reindeer! I LOVE it...and it's perfect with the pretty sleigh. Looks grand with the glittered roses and the lush green ivy. Hope you, Doc & all the Elves had a pleasant & happy day. Our day was quiet & relaxed (which all of us appreciated!), some did a bit of yard work as the day was lovely (one of us stayed in the a/conditioning!). It was a happy day, & I felt blessed to have those I love best in the world with me today. Thanks for being a follower who leaves encouragement & I hope I can do better with the Butterfly challenge in '16 (and the Playground as well!) Hugs & TFS

  7. What a fabulous project, Mrs. A! I especially adore how you did the flowers--brilliant idea!

  8. Oh you clever sausage - well done! I'd have just walked off and left the gold reindeer - unable to see any potential :) Turned out brilliant!


    Di xx

  9. I'm in complete agreement with Di's comment above.

    Hugs, Sarn xx

  10. Beautiful! I need to go shopping with you! Cathy x

  11. WOW what a gorgeous gorgeous project this is!!
    Dr Sonia


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