Monday, December 21, 2015



Has anyone seen that Pesky Elf this morning?


"He said he quite likes having his photo taken now 
so he is setting up a photo shoot"

I think we know where your camera went Brenda!


  1. What is better than an Elf selfie? :D
    The appointment with the Pesky Elf mischiefs is always so fun!!

  2. How does he know about these things, big relief though, he doesn't seem to have a hangover.
    Look, when is the final performance of the Nativity play? my costume is starting to lose a lot of glitter and I am having my Christmas Dinner on Wednesday night as my son-in-Law goes back to sea on Christmas Eve, Argentina and then on to Antartica.
    Will be quite a few months before he is back.

    Kath x

  3. Don't suppose he can get in to too much trouble while he is taking selfies. Although, I hope he looks after Brenda's camera - she might want to come and pick it up before he damages it!


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