Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bungee Jump


Has anyone seen that Pesky Elf this morning?


He said  he was going to try 
Bungee Jumping.

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Can somebody get me down please?


Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! :D Pesky Elf make me smile every day!!! So fun!!

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Lol, I suspect he's going to be there a little while... ;) xx

Sandra H said...

Lol..........I see he's still up to no good when will he ever stop! xx

brenda said...

I am guessing it must be confession time for me !!

A couple of people mentioned your elf and even went as far as to say I might get a decent part in the Nativity play if I looked after him for a day. It got me wondering why I didn't know about your elf, I went out scouting round blogland and to my shame realised I was a stalker, sorry meant follower, of your Butterfly challenge but not your blog.

I really, really thought I was one for both so have just put that right and can only hang my head in shame for the omission.

Might be a bit too late to redeem myself for this year, but promise I will do better in 2016 and hope for something better than the donkey part next year, an angle wold be nice and I even have some sparkly wings.

B x

brenda said...

An angel even, less than nimble fingers today.

B x

brenda said...

Ohhhhhh, I'm all of a quiver with anticipation after your latest message on my blog.

I have oodles of glitter, big glittery star and clouds no problem and can I please add a moon as well, you know how much I love my moons and suns.

Hope you realise there are those out there who think Miss and her happy band are verging on non compos mentis with all the goings on recently. But I figure we could be doing far worse things.

Will pick the little fellow up on my way, can keep him until Monday if that helps. But if he causes too much bedlam he might find himself relegated to the stables.

B x

Barb said...

That elf has no fear! Barbxx

Carol said...

Have you helped him down yet? Only another week of mischief to go!!

Suze said...

I'd leave him there for a while - can't be eating tarts and drinking grappa when he's stuck there!

Createology said...

Ha ha ha...Ho ho ho. Too funny Mischief Elf!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Well at least he wore safety goggles! Did you help him down? I might have been tempted to leave him there for awhile, considering what he's been putting you through!

Margreet said...

How could I have missed his jump? Hope he didn't hurt himself?
xxx Margreet

Merry said...

He sure is an adventuresome elf. Love the goggles and hat.