Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bound Over.

There was a message 
waiting for me on the answer machine this morning.

"Sergeant  Cross here from
xxxxxxxPolice Station.
We have an Elf in custody here
who says he is residing with you at the moment?

Well he has been bound over to keep the peace
so can you come and pick him up ASAP please
as we don't want him here causing any more 
havoc "

I'm almost too afraid to ask Brenda what happpened!


Suze said...

Oh Dear! I'm sure the nice policeman will tell you what he got up to if Brenda doesn't. Can't see her volunteering to look after him again can you? Hope you have managed to lock up all the Doc's stuff while the Pesky Elf has been away although I'm sure he'll still manage to cause mayhem!

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Quick, eat his choklit stash before he gets home! xx (P.S. Did he take any of the Doc's Medical Supplies with him when he went out yesterday? If so, he either got nicked for being drunk and disorderly, or, for dealing in narcotics.)

brenda said...

I'd been afraid to alert you Valery Anne as I thought we was hiding in one of the barns and we have been looking since the crack of dawn.

Truth is he had one heck of a night, suffice to say we got up at 3am to find total mayhem and an Elfy rave in full swing.

One of the adjacent farmers called the Police and Elves went scurrying in all directions and that was the last we saw of him. Clearly looks like to Police picked him for being drunk and disorderly, I wonder how many ore they have in custody.

So endeth another chapter in the life one one very willful Elf and you still have four day's until Christmas to contend with him.

B x

Unknown said...

He's definitely got his prison mugshot aced lol
Lucy x

KandA said...

No wonder Santa sent him to you again this year, just think of the havoc he would have caused up at the North Pole. I reckon Santa owes you one xx

Carol said...

Brenda was very brave (read foolhardy) to volunteer her services this weekend...think he needs a bootcamp! Carol x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Oh my!!! He looks really as a criminal! He drives all the agents be mad in the police office !!
This year you must ask to Santa for a special present: a 2016 free of Elves...or a superstrong gage :D

ann @ studiohyde said...

I didn't know an Elf could end up on the Naughty List! lol (brilliant).

KT Fit Kitty said...

Just look at that mug shot! Hahaha! Poor Brenda - what he put her through! An elf rave? Too much! I'm glad the police got involved - this was getting out of hand. Do you think he will settle down? I don't, not a chance. Only a few more days and he's off to the North Pole! My Eli is a saint compared to Pesky!

Sandra H said...

Oh well it had to come to this with all of the mishaps he's been getting up too!! it's no surprise Elf was in custody will this sort xx

Margreet said...

Wow, I am shocked by the policestation....hope you can get him on the right track before Christmas....
xxx Margreet

Kathleen said...

Well maybe he will calm down for the next couple of days and at least he was not on the Doc's whiskey.
I seem to remember, but can't remember if it was Brownies or Guides the motto of the Elves was....
This is what we do as Elves, think of others, not ourselves.
Maybe you should remind him of this?

Kath x

Merry said...

Is it not tempting to leave him with the police? :-)

Craftychris said...

Whoops! He is so naughty! xxx