Monday, November 30, 2015

Letter To Santa.

Letter to Santa.

There that should do it!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ha! I heard he already booked his flights :)


    Di xx

  2. I think you're asking for trouble, but should be lots of fun. Zx

  3. I think you're tempting fate there Mrs.A Barbxx

  4. :)
    I'll cross my fingers for you !

  5. LOL. Hope Santa listens to your very polite request.

  6. This is so funny Valery Anne ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  7. This is so fun! But I have a feeling it's too late! Hahahaaaaaa!

  8. I love this! It's sooooo funny - let's hope he listens! xxx

  9. You can but hope... although I'd get everything (especially of the alcoholic variety) hidden out of harms way just in case xx

  10. I love your letter presentation and then I read it...Too Funny! I am hoping for Christmas Calm this year.

  11. Have you been good though Mrs!...thought not. You can but try...and Santa will have something nice for the mantlepiece. Carol x

  12. Just fab, Valery, I love the letter and it's presentation. I hope Santa takes note, Kate x

  13. Ah ah ah ah ah!!!! :D :D Very fun letter!!
    I wish you that Santa will read it immediatley, before sending you an elf !
    The Elf you have sent me is adorable and makes no mahyems! Arci is really a good elf :D

  14. Love it, but I have written 10 letters to Santa telling him to ignore your letter as you really don't mean it.

    Kath x

  15. I've got me tea towel ready ...... LOL
    Luverly letter to Santa..... I've written to Santa too...
    Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is a fat bank account and a skinny body. Let's try not to mix up the two like you did last year.

  16. I hope Santa has time to read your lovely letter. I think he is busy making toys and loading his sleigh so you may not want to get your hopes up. I love the way you rolled it in a scroll and the bow is beautiful.

  17. This made me smile! A very pertinent letter to Santa, and I surely hope he considers your requests very carefully especially since it was a most precise presentation. TFS a grin this afternoon. Hugs

  18. My Dear Mrs. A.

    So. The thing is, erm, what I mean to say, luv, is that The Committee has prepointed me to splain somesing.

    (Refers to manual: 1) Always start with the positive.)

    Ahem. Your letter is very well particulated and presented. Your roll-up technique and bow are worthy of applause and adulation!

    (2. Get to the point.)

    But, you do see, don't you, that Santa gets many such letters. As such, don't you know, a sorting system has had to be established to prevent both Pollution and Collution. The sort is simples: If you've been good, your letter goes into Troughs A-B. If you've been bad, your letter goes into Troughs C-Z. You get my snowdrift.

    (3. Wrap it Up.)

    Therefore, it is with deep Melon Collie and Hap Hazard that I must inform you your letter was disposed of in the proper Trough. I know you know what I mean.

    Prepare your garters and gird your pork loins for what Elf is upon yonder horizon.

    Yours Must Humbly,
    Frank N. Cents

    1. Oh Darnell! You crack me up!!! LOVE this! x Asha

  19. This is such a FUN FUN FUN post. What a hoot!
    x Asha


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