Friday, April 27, 2012

Rose Production.

The boys wanted to help with the massive rose production so I put them in charge of the Big Shot and they set to with gusto.

They soon got into the swing of it with Norm turning the handle and Monkey feeding the die through. 

Erm Monkey you are keeping the different sizes in neat stacks aren't you?

Hmm. Thought so!!!!

Sam was in charge of the numbers but looking over Sam's shoulder are you  absolutely sure you need that many though.!


Faye said...

Right, let the interogation begin:

1. Who is Sam/ Sammi?

2. Why haven't we been officially introduced to her?

3. Why is the photographic evidence/ footage I received different to the photographic partyline propaganda posted forthwith?

4. Where's mine?

Will discuss in church tomorrow. Over and out. xxx

Margreet said...

This is pleased the boys were of great help to you! Are they going to the wedding too????
xxx Margreet

Heidi said...

love them, such helpful boys, does make me think of the monkeys grinder tho' lol These are so beautiful, I know they take quite a time, but the finished articles will be well worth it when you see them in situe. hugs heid x

Debbie said...

Ha Ha, that Monkey looked like he was putting his arms through!! Hope Norm was careful!
Hey they did a good job, can you hire them out when I make my 66 favour boxes!!
Well done boys~

Sherry said...

LOL - what clever little monkeys they are - glad they could help you!

Busy Little Chicken said...

Ha Ha ha, I soo want these monkey helpers!!! :)

Hettie said...

Isn't it great when the Monkeys volunteer to help out! I hope they managed to get all the flowers done in time for you.
I wont let mine use the Big Shot though, I am afraid he will get his hands caught. The punch is enough for him!
Did they get to go to the wedding? Hugs xx