Sunday, April 08, 2012

Miss April Update.

Full details of the flickr group can be found on my blog post below.
So who has been up loading their makes over the past week.
Rosa Lily showed us her Tatty Easter Bunny,so cute made from scraps of material. check out those ears of his.
Dinki Dots showed us a rather snazzy pillow using pink polka dot material. Spots are so in this year don''t you know!! Check out Dinki's photstream for a gorgeous pair of pink fngerless gloves with a frill and cable detail. Just remember though I saw them first!!!!
Another pillow, this time by Hungry Hippie depicting bunting. All ready for the Jubilee.
Joanie Jelly has some cupcakes for show. I do believe they have been made by crochet. A real labour of love.
Next up was a little crochet jacket from Wingingit. There are some close ups of the jacket on her photostream, well worth a look as the detail is second to none.
Felt by Rae has uploaded a meerkat in fanchy costume but the best bit is on her blog as he is sporting the most perfect pair of y-fronts I have ever seen. Go take a look.
Mimi and Tilly have some gorgeous earings. Perfect for an Easter Bride.
Now where would we be at Easter without the chickens!!!!
Check these out do.
Fam Fa has got a sensational chicken on show. Go read all about it on her blog.
And lastly from my weeks roundup a clutch of the cutest little chicks strutting their stuff made by Elaine Maul.
Thanks girls for showing us your makes. I have enjoyed looking through your photostreams and blogs.

I will be back next week to show you the next batch of April makes. See you Then.
xxxxxxxMiss April.


FeltByRae said...

I'm so glad you like my y-fronts! (Now that's a comment I never thought I'd write!!)

Loving your blog - this monthly make malarkey is great for finding new blogs

Rae (Miss July) x

Unknown said...

You are doing a great job darling! I am just about to mosey over for a peep!

famfa said...

Thanks for the mention. Felt famous there for just a moment x