Thursday, December 31, 2020

Rudolph and Winners.

This is a gift swap that I did over Christmas. My swap partner was in America and this is what I sent .
The theme was to make a christmas ornament and as the group is a quilting group I decided to make a pieced Rudolph. I had a kit that I had bought several years ago and never used as the material for Rudolph was just plain grey calico so I salvaged the ribbons and the bell and made him well, more jolly looking. I used the outline pattern as my guide and material  pieced two squares up from scraps and embroidery locked the over lapping edges using my sewing machine.This is actually the second Rudolph I made  as I hadn't accounted for the seams splitting as I stuffed him!!  As time was of the essence I had to abandon the first one and go back to the drawing board with a more robust version which is below.

Once he had been safely packed and sent off to America I turned my attention back to the first one I had made and abandoned and reinforced the overlapping edges by hand stitching.  Where the split was too much I put a complete patch in.  I was a tad annoyed about  the splitting as I actually liked the placement of the pieced squares better but Hey Ho the plus was that I got to keep him and he is now happily hanging up in my Bay window instead. 

The answers to the Bumper Spot the difference have been published here.   Thankyou to everyone who came and played along.  There are a bumper number of winners from each of the 6 games played and here is the definitive list  who will be receiving a goodie bag in the New Year, just as soon as I can work out how to use  the Post Office's  click and drop on line service!!

Kath Buckle
Kate (Cullisocks)
Suze Woods
Viv Tomlinson
Carol Staples
Liz Cavill
Hazel (didos)
Karen Ladd
Glennis F.
K.T.Fit Kitty
Tina Z.
Val Wallis
Donna T.
Alison C.
Mac Mable
Denise Bryant.
Becca Yahrling
Di Wray
Brenda W. (IN)
Alice P.

Hope I have kept track  of everyone correctly. Let me know if I have sent an email to you but not not listed you above. 

Just leaves me to wish you all a Very Happy New Year 
and lets all put 2020 behind us with a sigh of relief. 



Aquarius said...

What a super Rudolph. I like to think there is always a silver lining and in this case you got to send one and keep one - bonus!! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to you for the diversion while we searched for the crafty differences. Have fun with the Royal Mail system.

Kath said...

I love your Rudolph - what a fabulous decoration.

Thank you for the Spot the Differences you have done (and thank you for my prize too). I must admit you have had me beaten on a couple of them - there were some very sneaky changes!

I hope you have a very Happy New Year.

Kath x

Jackie T said...

Hi Mrs A this is a fantastic Rudolph. Your swap partner is going to be thrilled to receive this. Happy New Year to you. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

That's adorable x

Mac Mable said...

Both Rudolph's are fabulous and glad to hear that I am not the only one that over indulged at Christmas and my 'stuffing' came out!!!.....Lol x
Thank you for the fun spot the differences and I am thrilled to be amongst the 'winners'...x Happy New Year to you x

Viv said...

Seriously seriously LOVE Rudolph(s)! I bet your swap partner was soo happy when he flew in. Simply fab Mrs A.
Thanks again for the Spot the Differences - a little bit of fun for me on what was a terrible few days and helped me take my mind off things a little. You're a star.
Hoping for better things for us all in 2021.
Much love. xx

Sue - said...

Just adore your Rudolph’s! You have more patience than I would have. Hope you had as good a Christmas as was possible and here’s to a better 2021! xx

Freubelmina said...

oooo your Rudolf has become TOO sweet ValeryAnne! I think it is very beautiful and neatly made. I love it.
Thank you very much for the fun -find the differences- games, was very nice in these strange last days of 2020 ....
I see my name in the list, yeahhhh ...
I wish you a very good and above all healthy 2021 !!
Much love, Wilma xxx

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

WOW!!! Both your quilted Rudolph are stunning and very beautiful!! Such a big patience you have had!! Well done about using your scraps and making the two hanging Rudolph so colourful and festive!
Thanks for the Spot the difference games, has been so fun playing and thanks so very much for the prize!!
Hope you have had a sweet Christmas and I wish you and your loved ones a very better 2021!

Brenda in IN said...

I'm thrilled to be among the ladies who spotted the differences. That was so much fun and really made me truly look. I loved that as a kid and still do. Your Rudolph's are adorable. You have so many talents! I wish you the happiest of New Years and a safe and healthy one with lots of craftiness.

Margreet said...

I adore both your Rudolph's. Beautifully made as all your handmade items always are. I still cherish your Japanese silk pussycat bag and of course elf Harry, who is always with me in my craftroom.
I loved the Spot the Difference games and am so proud to be amongst the winners.
I wish you and Doc a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
xxx Margreet

Mrs.B said...

What a lovely gift, I'm sure the recipient loved it.
Best Wishes for the New Year and let's hope it's a better year,
Avril xx

Donna said...

Your Rudolph is just amazing, you have so many talents! Your games were so much fun, a bright spot in all the craziness these days, thank you!

Liz said...

What a beautiful Rudolph, I’m sure your swap partner was thrilled to receive it.

Thanks for the spot the difference challenges. They were fun to do and I even surprised myself by finding all the differences. The challenges certainly became addictive! 😊

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Creative 2021! Looking forward to getting out my butterflies again in the new year. xx

Di said...

Thrilled to pieces here! And I LOVE your Rudolphs - gosh you're so clever! They are absotootly gorgeous - worthy of the likes of Harrods IMHO! I've sent you my address for Spot the Difference. And have also sent you a version of War and Peace to get you going (initially!) on Click and Drop. At some point, if it's all as muddling as I originally found it, we could do a landline call whilst sitting at our respective computers. But not Facetime as I'll be fighting Dudley off possibly. Not sure if we adopted a dog or a possessive wee beastie really! Once you're set up you really will find it so worthwhile - I promise! Just a shame I can't come and sit beside you on a piano stool as we play a duet with Click and Drop! Dudley is lying here thinking he has a NY Eve pass on his grooming session - am just about to give him a nice surprise - not!

Thanks again - I've not even won so much as an argument for ages!

Love, Di xx

Denise Bryant said...

I love the Rudolph ornaments! They both look awesome!
Thanks so much for having the Find the Difference challenges! It was fun to play along and very generous of you to offer prizes too!

Glennis F said...

Thank you so much for your fun games, and I am lucky enough to be one of the winners

Best wishes to you for a happier and healthier 2021

Suze said...

Rudolph version 1 and version 2 are both fabulous - and at least you get to keep one for yourself. I like the lovely festive fabrics that you used.
The Spot The Difference were a lot of fun. Only the last one managed to stump me which was surprising as I have always struggled with Spot The Difference. I think my boredom and determination got me there. I am thankful to be among the winners.
Happy New Year to you Mrs A. May 2021 be a better year for everyone.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ahhh your wee Rudolph is fantastic!!! What a lovely make. Thank You for the lovely card you sent to Mum, she was over the moon with it, wishing you a lovely, safe and heathy 2021, Love Hazel xx

LesleyG said...

Fabulous Rudolphs indeed, you are so very talented. Thanks for keeping us entertained, and a very happy new year to you xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

OMGoodness, your Rudolph reindeer are sooooo cuuuute! I think your swap partner must have been thrilled! Very, very cute! Happy to see my name on the list - I enjoyed the games, thank you! Congrats to everyone on the list! Happy 2021 - let's hope for a brighter year!

Sandra H said...

Ooh 😮 super cuties are your Rudolph’s your so creative and well done all who played along with Spot the differences ..wishing you a happy new year take care stay safe x

KandA said...

Congrats to all the winners... I was playing here just for fun and I shall be tackling the word search later.
I love your quilted reindeer, he looks so bright and cheerful. Sending best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021 xx