Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 Been away from my blog due to Bugs!!!  I hate them.

I have just had some very nice person (at the Weekend) highjack my email address (not the one I use here on my blog thankfully) and sent out scurrilous emails in my name, thousands of them in fact which resulted in thousands more  descending back into my email box all with potentially harming attachments if opened!!
It took an IT man most of Monday to clear my spam box out and put in fixes to prevent/monitor any more coming in. A few are still trickling back in though which are being cleared out periodically for me.
The result of this is that all legit  emails were deleted at the same time which included all my incoming blog post notifications. I am now slowly getting round all the comments left on my blog in the past week and will visit you all shortly.

To cap it all my mobile packed in at the Weekend too ( totally unrelated) so have had to purchase a new one which arrived today. A nice shiny red one for me to play with.

Hugs Mrs A.


  1. Flipping bugs are perrilous and there are some unscrupulous people out there who like to cause chaos. I hope you IT man has everything sorted now :) Donna ♥ x

  2. Not a nice thing to happen Mrs A, This is so annoying l hope all is sorted now and it won't happen again ......not good about your phone going down too but look on the bright side to this you have a new shinny red one go and check it out and keep it safe take care xx

  3. How nasty that all sounds...Why do people do this? So mean spirited!

    Hope all settles down soon.

    Little Miss C inked up her stamp today and was colouring feverishly when I left!

  4. oooh, Mrs A, how very very horrid - happened to my nephew and hear Yahoo accounts are being hacked and suggest folk have a gmail or such account not sure if this was your case - but what a headache..Shaz in oz.x

  5. Oh Sweetie what a pain in the neck it must have been ! I do hope it is sorted out now... Enjoy your new mobile ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  6. Oh Mrs A - what a pain in the proverbial! Why can't these folk find better things to do?! Hope all is getting back on track now - hugs, Di xx

  7. This happened to me 12 months ago and my good security just couldn't cope with the end it just killed my computer and all it's contents, tried to get into our banking detail etc etc, no success just cost me a new lap top. The hard drive was riddled with heaps of viruses. I was getting up to 8000 a day, as soon as I delete them they came back. The email addresses were dodgey ones, non existant from all over the world. I had to in the end get a new email address for personal. I still get emails from so called banks in the UK telling me to click onto this and that to update my details...they get dumped immediately, never open an email you don't know who it's from. I did as it was using my son's email address and he did not send it. It just said 'check this out' so thinking it was from him I opened up the website to find nothing there then BANG, my computer was hijacked....rotten mungrels out there

  8. Just hate BUGS! Of any kind. I'm happy for you that it got dealt with. Makes you wonder why folks that are smart enough to hack into computers wouldn't utilize their skills on something worthwhile, doesn't it? But if you're on the 'net, you take the chance. All you can do, is be as proactively safe as you know how to be...then it's a toss of the dice I guess. Glad you're all better now, though. Hugs

  9. Sorry to hear about your IT problems, so annoying to put it mildly. We have so many things in place on our computers to stop that problem. We use Eset for our virus checker and that deals with spams etc on the email side as well. We also run Malwarebytes and Spybot which pick up other possible problems. Everything is kept bang up to date and checks run continuously with all of those. Hope you finally get everything sorted out permanently. xx Maggie

  10. Don't you just Hate technology when it all goes horribly wrong?
    It must feel so devastating to be hacked in that way.
    It helps to change your password regularly,
    Chin up

  11. Oh, nuts, Mrs. A! You had a techno melt-down!! I do hope the old 'what comes 'round, goes 'round' is true for the bloody buggers who highjack and mess with emails and blogs and such. Bustards!! I hope you are all sorted soon and never troubled again. And an excellent turn of events getting a red phone!!


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