Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Norm's Notes 31.

Today I have mostly been in A and E.

I have broken my arm.
I fell off the ladder doing the hedge yesterday!

Sammy has been administrating to my needs.

Thank you all for visiting my posts
this past month. Hope you have enjoyed yourselves.
On this fitting note I bid you farwell.

Back to you Mrs A. 

XOXO Norm.
Fine Print.
Rest assured Norm's fracture is only a small one but he is loving all the attention he is getting from Sammy.
It was only a short fall and you would think that  he'd be used to swinging around at heights but then remember he was hand reared so has no inkling of what a real jungle is like!!!!Lol.  He will though be out of action foe a while!!


scrAPpamondo said...

Oh, poor Norm! Even if your is only a small fracture, you feels surely bad...
But Sammy is a perfect nurse and will have so much care of you!!

Lucy Woods said...

Where did Norms necklace go?? Lol
It's been lovely to read your notes and see your fun adventures Norm! Get better soon!
Lucy x

Jenny L said...

Oh Norm,
I told you yeserday to be careful.
You poor thing, but I am sure nurse Sammy will have you felling fine and dandy soon.
Don't forget to get Mrs A to administer the pain killers.
Till we meet again some time in the future.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

cuilliesocks said...

Oh Norm what a shame, I hope your arm mends quickly, and I'm sure Sammy will look after you very well indeed, Alistair sends his good wishes too and has enjoyed your adventures, take care, Kate x

Suze said...

Oh dear Norm. That is going to keep you quiet for a while! Looks like Sammy has done a fantastic job looking after you.

Margreet said...

So glad for you, Norm, that Sammy is such a good nurse!
I enjoyed your adventures this month and I think it's a pity it has ended. I'll miss you both!
Hugs from the Netherlands!
xxx Margreet

Kathleen said...

All work and not much play,
can result in a visit to A&E
Typical not a Doc in sight when you need one.

Kath x

Barb said...

I thought it looked a bit dangerous Norm. I hope you got most of the trimming finished before you had your accident. Barbxx

Suze said...

Meant to also say - hope you come back to visit Mrs A again (assuming you are welcome after that statue incident). Looking forward to more of your posts in the future.

LesleyG said...

Oh dear Norm, at least you got the hedge finished, and I wish you and Sammy well, hope to see you again soon xxx :)

AlisonC said...

Oh dear. Now who is going to do all the jobs? I'll miss your cheerful faces and reading about your antics everyday. Perhaps you'll be able to elbow Mrs A out of the way sometimes when your arm is better. X

Kath said...

Goodbye to Norm and Sammy - I've enjoyed reading of their antics every day!
Kath x

Di said...

Aw Norm, get well soon! And well done to Sammy the nurse.


Di xx

Brenda in IN said...

Norm, I hate that your visit ended in such a sad way. Ladders can be hazardous to your health! Sammy will be by your side again and give you excellent care. I've enjoyed your visit to Mrs. A and I know you have too. Till next time, rest up and stay off ladders.

Aquarius said...

Oh dear and we did tell you to be careful on that ladder!!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Oh dear that is bad, at least you have a nurse to take of you
Kevin xx

Mac Mable said...

Well done Sammy looking after Norm. I was away so missed your fall!!! I would have e mailed sooner xxx I don't have to tell you but no trimming the hedge again...leave it to Mum xxx