Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Spot of Lunch.

Norm's Notes 20.

Today we have mostly been having lunch in the garden.

XOXO Norm.


Mac Mable said...

What a way to spend the day x Very civilized and looking healthy...wish I was with you both x

Margreet said...

I think this is enough for 3 days??? Or are you eating that much?? Hope it tasted well.
So glad Mrs A wasn't angry about heading off the statute!
Dutch hugs,
xxx Margreet

scrAPpamondo said...

How much do you eat? In my opinion it costs less to buy you some dresses that to give you to eat! Poor Mrs. A!

AlisonC said...

Well, that looks delicious, did Mrs A cater or or you handy in the kitchen as well? A lovely way to spend the day.

Suze said...

Looks a lovely lunch. Hope you helped with the preparation of it!

cuilliesocks said...

Oh looks a yummy lunch, hope you both helped with the washing up, Kate x

Lucy Woods said...

Ooh yummy can I come for a picnic please norm? I like egg sarnies please
Lucy x

McCrafty's Cards said...

You where luck to being having lunch in the garden Norm, it rained all day here
Kevin xx

Sally H said...

It does look a lovely lunch. If you had tried that here you would probably have blown away, along with the patio furniture!

Di said...

Well, 20 minutes down the road from you and it was blowing a gale and tipping it down with rain! Someone took the sun away as well, sigh,


Di xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Norm,and Sammy,
sorry I am late commenting.
That luch looks so scrummy and nice.
You were very lucky with your weather if it had been my garden everything would have blown away, and you would have been very upset at not getting your lunch.
I love your flowers in your hair Sammy.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Brenda in IN said...

Lunch looks healthy and yummy. You need a good lunch after all the work you have been doing around the yard.

Sandra H said...

Hope the weather was good and kept dry while eating your lunch which by the way looks inviting!! x