Monday, August 15, 2016

Mole Patrol

Norm's Notes 15.

Apparently we have a Mole in the garden!
Today we have mostly been looking for him.

Did you hear Something?

No nothing there!

Look behind you!!!!!

XOXO Norm.


Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Oh, these little monkeys see less than the moles... ah ah ah :D

Margreet said...

I think they both need a pair of glasses????
xxx Margreet

AlisonC said...

Whatever next, moles playing tricks on you!
(Psst - I don't think you'll find moles by looking up.)

Mac Mable said...

Me thinks the two of them are looking for an excuse to be together....Because the mole clearly has free reign in the garden xx

cuilliesocks said...

Should have gone to Specsavers, looks like the mole is looking at you,Kate x

Donna Ellis said...

LOL! Cute post, Mrs. A. and pure delight about the mole - hope they soon find him! LOL we have moles here, and our kitty usually catches up with them. hugs, de

Di said...

Too funny! I always remeber standing at a landing window when I lived in Germany as a teenager watching my Dad race around the lawn with a spade as a mole worked its way around underneath leaving little heaps of earth as it went. Those little perishers can sure move! He had to give up and call in a mole catcher - aaw. Nasty Daddy :(


Di xx

Suze said...

I think that mole is outsmarting them! Looks like a nice day to be out in the sunshine - and Sammy needs a rest after all her work over the past couple of days!

Jenny L said...

Hi Norm and Sammy,
that mole is one smart cookie not the eatable kind.
Better luck next time with your mole hunt.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Aquarius said...

Need to look down to find moles - and be quick!

Brenda in IN said...

Who you gonna call? Mole Busters.